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  1. Could it be the 49? it ran up Wordworth as far as Chauser,but was then extended as far as Monteney Road.My Grandad used it and always jumped off the back door as it went round the corner,saved him walking the extra 30 yards.lol
  2. I remember well the old bus station on Bridge Street.I used to catch the 80 to High Green,if i missed that it would be a 91 or 98 to Greengate Lane and short walk to The Fosters. If i was visiting my Gran i could catch the 79 to Colley Crescent,or walk to Pond Street and catch one of the buses that ran down Barnsley Road and walk up from the end of Colley Road. Does anybody have any photos of the service 80 in Bridge Street please???,i noticed plenty of pics from the location,but non show the old 80 bus. It would really make my day if somebody had a link for me. Cheers,Craig.
  3. I thought it was Mick Groves who used the Routmasters,i could be wrong. Craig.
  4. A very well informed bunch you are -) I was a driver for Sheffield Omnibus between 91-99.The buses that other companies were going to scrap,usually ended up there much to our annoyance. You knew you had done a shift in them "sheds" as we called them.It was all shake rattle and smoke with the old girls. On a good day you might find 2 out of 4 gears actually worked,so driving uphill was down to a fine art.Sometimes even finding a gear when the stick was in neutral -) Water covering the driver at the first sign of rain,and using newspapers to stop the cab windows rattling all day long. They were good times for me,some really good blokes there. My father worked for Sheffield Transport from the 60s,so i suppose i can blame him for my interest in buses. Craig.
  5. It was Wigfall,my Dad worked there in the 60s. Craig.
  6. Greasy Vera was a legend. The famous Cheg Burger was the staple diet of many clubbers,taxi driver,copper etc. I always called there on my way home. It was on a road between Pitsmoor Rod and Chatham Street,just behind the filling station. It was an old lorry that just stood there 24/7 and had a serving hatch and shelf put on the side. The opening times were something like 10pm - 4 am and it was run by a husband and wife team. Happy memories of this place,there should be a heritage plaque put up there -) Craig.
  7. I recall some scenes were shot in Hillsborough,near the bottom of Park side Road at the junction with Penistone road. There were some old houses that have since been demolished.The area is now an industrial estate i believe,just before the leisure centre when heading towards Owlerton. My Dad and Brother were on one of the roads changing a wheel on the car.They were told to leave asap as filming was about to start.I was told by my Dad that he can be seen in the background,but i havnt seen the film to confirm this. Pubs like The Victoria,Royal and Sportsman no doubt kept the film cast and crew in supply of food n drink. Craig.