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  1. In the early 50`s my mates Mum worked at bassett`s and he would give us liquorice all sorts and something called pontyfrat cakes.
  2. Sheffield Steel I think was on Bridge Street and operated 24 hours a day, in the colder months the early morning air was a orange colour and the noise of the steam hammers could be heard through the night.
  3. Every Fiday afternoon we had the fruit cart with a guy called Charlie and whenever his horse pooped the kids would grad it and use it on the rhubard for fertilizer, not a sauce. and every month the rag and bone man would give you little yellow baby chicks or balloons for your rags.
  4. I lived on Parson Cross in the 40`s and 50`s and one of my mates Mum worked at a factory that made Liquerice all sorts And another lolly was called pontyfract cakes, I think. Its so long ago.
  5. Hi from Oz, anyone recall Bach edge in Parson Cross, near Foxhill school and Halifax Road. What has become of it as it was my first time kissing a young, very young lady on the way home from Foxhill, i was all of eight years old. I lived in Deersland Mount. My best mate was Joe Damms who lived on Halifax Road,all of 70 years ago
  6. In the late 50`s I live in one of the two houses next to the two shops at the end of Bridge Street There was a bombed site opposite. I remember my mom having to tell the bus drivers that parked out side our house because we lost all our light. Years later I drove busses from the garage that was behind West Bar. We mainly did the cross city run. I even remember the first Atlanteen that I drove from Hillsborough.
  7. Went to Fox Hill in the late 40`s then to Meynell and left in 1954, Sooooooo long ago, got to say I am not looking forward to old age.
  8. I was born in the 30`s and lived on Parson Cross and well remember the old guy lighting the street lamp outside my house all through the winter months and believe it or not but we had another old guy that used to come around early in the morning with a long pole and tap on our upstairs window to wake up my dad so he would be on time for work. Anyone else remember them?
  9. 10 days ago we have had hugh bush fires on the East coast and in the last 5 days we have have one cyclone and storms all along the east coast from Sydney to the top end. lovely one day and beautiful the next. Hello from Oz.
  10. in the early 50`s on the way home from Meynell Road school we would "help" the pikelet man by takeing his basket and trying to sell his wares, he was an old guy and he would wait whilst we sold them door to door and I swear to god that we gave up every penny but we did eat a few of his pikelets.
  11. I remember the lamp lighter coming around in the winter months and I also remember the man who came to our 2 story house with a large pole and tapped on the window to wake up my dad,seems like alarm clock were not so common in the 40`s. And old Charley who came every Friday aroung 4 pm with his horse and cart to sell fruit and vegies and the rag man who would give you a balloon or a live chicken.
  12. I have a vague recollection of having a Micky Mouse gas mask in 1944, I certainly remember the shelter in the back yard and the sound of the sirens going off. For some reason we did not always go into the shelter.