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  1. Hi Sheffield folks. IM needing help from those that are highly acquainted with sheffield city centre pubs/locals and pub restaurants over the past decades. Ive just bought a old solid wood bar table which has passed hands down the line and i was told it was from one of a berni inn in sheffield, but they didnt know which one. It has a old table number a metal disc with the number 30. The only places i can find about sheffields berni inns was the old no 12 (market tavern) berni inn steak house on orchard st or the Norton at meadowhead. The table has been painted multiple times over the years, i have just renovated it to duck egg blue. But i found when sanding it down, the original dark oak. So i would really love to know which place it was originally from. Maybe im grasping at straws but its a unsual table not like any i have seen before so maybe someone can recognize it? I do hope so. Thanks for your time
  2. Chris. Was your aunt acquainted with the farrands? Or family? X
  3. Yes Lyn, thats her. Hey Chris, thats very interesting. I know her dad Frank wasnt a easy person to get on with. So it wouldnt put it past me that she was secreted away from him due to pregnancy. Thanks all for your help.
  4. Thanks hugh as well. The death of clarksons daughter that died may have effected her? But she had been through the similar of seeing some of her siblings die too while growing up in her family household. I dont know, ive gone through so many possibilities, with her so young maybe shes got herself into trouble and made a runner. Her father wasnt the best of the guys to get along with.
  5. I do know, as soon as ruths brothers turned 15 they was kicked out to fend for themselves. Ruth would have to give her wages to her parents. Which made me think she did a runner? But giving that she lived with the Clarksons so she had her own room instead of sharing with all her siblings and more luxuries than her family home, so why she would leave this? I dont know. Prob will never know, but its been a thorn in our family in finding something that can put a light to her disappearance. Can die trying at least. The newspaper which reported her missing was the sheffield telegraph.
  6. Thanks for your help Edmund. Ruth was born in april 1895 she was still 16 when she went missing in 1912 so it has to be before april, her next birthday. Her parents lived at 43 longfield road at the time she went missing. What i cannot understand is the family was really poor, living in a 1 up and 1 down house with 9 kids at that time, in total they had 18 children 4 of them died really young. Looking at ruths photo she has a nurses watch and a necklace, which made me think they was no way her parents could afford these items, thats another mystery.
  7. Im trying to trace my nans sister who went missing at 16yrs in 1912. She was born Ruth Farrand in 1895 in sheffield to Frank Farrand and Ada Farrand nee Ellison. At the time she went missing, she was in service and resident as a general servant to william Clarkson and his family whom he was a registrar of birth and deaths on 42 carr road, sheff. (1911 census) They was a piece in the newspaper of her missing and her father recieved a letter postmarked london from a woman stranger stating Ruth was safe and well. He her father also went to london to search for her but to no success. She was never to be seen again. They was talks of white slave trades and mormons in sheffield at that time and the family thought she may have been took away by either one. I know its a long shot, but if anyone can find out any info of Ruth or the slave market etc..or either william clarkson because he was very much a suspect in my family eyes. Maybe he got her pregnant and sent her away? Thank you if anyone can help i just wish the 1921 census hurries up to come out.
  8. Driving down Station Road toward Halfway on my way to Morrisons, I was so gobsmacked to see the old Mill known recently in the last past years as Joseph Glover pub, demolished! I near missed with a bus coming out of a junction. maybe he was just has gobsmacked as me seeing he pulled out in front of me. The building which dates back to the 1700's, there goes another part of sheffield history. I thought this building was listed, but doing a little homework I found this wasn't so. Why the hell not? How did this building manage to fly out of the net? I still cannot believe SCC was allowed to demolish such an old building. What is their problem? Surely they was enough charm of the building still left into making grand apartments? Now all we will see in its stead is another wasteland up for auction around that area, somewhere which encourage people to fly-tip, or even maybe build ugly houses jammed up together to make homes for a quick buck. Can anyone tell me what is our heritage coming to? For i haven't the foggiest. :/
  9. What a great site! I originally came on to find some info for my genealogy project and some lovely people was very helpful in answering my dilemma, and so quickly! Now im spoilt for choice and cannot stop reading and posting replies to certain topics, when I should be getting on with my project! I do not know if to give you a good telling off for distracting me or praise you in what a interesting site this is! Thank you for the help you have given me, but now get lost!! till tomorrow ;)
  10. I went to Frecheville comp and still live around there (hence the profile name!) The school fields around the back are still there, even the tennis courts. I remember in the last days of closing the school they was always cordoned certain corridors off for asbestos leakages. I always remember Frecheville vs Thornbridge meeting on frecheville pond for one of their regular fights. I had friends in both schools, so it wasnt really fun for myself !
  11. My Grandfather worked there he was a manager in the file shop. Kenneth Goodwin was his name if anyone remembers him. He had loads of photos of hadfields but sadly they went missing after he died. The only one I have is when they did a fishing match with the firm. My grandfather is on the far left. My father David Goodwin was doing his apprentice, there he is next to him. Not sure who the other peeps was. Looks like it was set down in groups for the match for it says Forge no 3 Team. Pickering trophy winners 1959. Is pickering the one being presented the cup i wonder?
  12. We all the miss the hole int road. Maybe you have seen this? A song about our lost heritage. classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbLhjuUSXNc
  13. I did ask . I have all these family trees to sort out and trying to tie them up on a portfolio. On my mums, theres Lynes, coggans, connells etc. Then on my dads side theres goodwins, tomlins, firths, cobbs on one side and on the other Farrand and Drury. The latter (drurys) has surprised me more, it seems to go on and have found me with a Edmund Drury married to a Jane trenchard in the 1400-1500's. Looking at it they come with a big title. Big difference from farrand who are mostly cutlers, grinders etc and living in slum areas to one of them marrying a drury and then the list goes on ! Anyway tempted but I will try not to ask again ;) P.s Ive also google mapped all the addresses.
  14. Brilliant! Thank you Edmund. Its unbelievable how much info you have gotten in such a small time. Im so chuffed with it all. Now its beginning to fall together thanks to all who has helped. x