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  1. Paul Garlick, in 1974 - 1975 worked as a sales clerk in the sales department at Tyzack Sons and Turner, Little London Road. I was the Personnel Manager there at that time. There were also a couple of other ex-Rowlie's there too - Watkinson, who I have seen from time to time in the Heeley area of Sheffield and another guy who for the life of me I can't remember his name... I have seen him too in the same area of Sheffield, not too long ago.In the 70s Paul Garlick was living in the Charnock Area of Sheffield (Charnock Drive, I think) and about three years ago I met him in the street and he was still in the same house. Mind you I have lived in my family home in Sheffield since 1975. Robert Wood was working for Sheffield Council in the housing department last time I saw him (1980). He denied having been at school with me, and he said he didn't have the time to talk. I subsequently checked and it was him. I was The Polytechnic Personnel Manager at the Sheffield City Polytechnic at that time and he was listed in the council phone book, so I phoned him. He said he was too busy to talk, although he did remember me by then. Kevin McCabe once beat me up for talking to his girlfriend at a youth club (I didn't even know who she was until after the beating... then I became friends with both Kevin and the girlfriend, Linda Glaves). Anyway, Kevin is now a multi-millionnaire builder and Kevin is a main board director and Co-Chairman of Sheffield United FC. I think Paul Madley died in about 1988. I remember reading that he had died, and when I commented, my colleague at work said that she was his cousin, and that he had indeed been an ex-Rowlie. Paul lived at Darnell and he and Bill Antcliff, who lived at 22 Richmond Park Avenue, Handsworth were big mates. Geoff Torr lives at North Anston, I am told. My mum told me that. She knew the family. I went to junior school with Geoff. Geoff Torr died of a MASSIVE heart attack whilst sleeping in the cab of his lorry in France. His sons became worried when he didn't phone them and they drove all the way to France and discovered Geoff dead in the cab. How stressful for them.Ralph Lee became a teacher. John Brennan (geography teacher...see below) told me he had spoken to Ralph in a petrol station on Abbeydale Road about a year before I last spoke to John (1980). John was living at Beauchief. One of the old Rowlies from 1965 - 71 works in the Sports Centre at the Norton College - Mick Bunting. He became a teacher at the school. Mick became a supervisor in the Graves sports centre.In 1980, I was at the Poly as I said elsewhere on this site, and Pop Otley, John Brennan, Spike Godfrey and Percy Snowden were lecturers at the Totley site of the Poly. As the Poly was making a number of redundancies I had to interview them. At the end of the process they all decided to take early retirement, although I was amazed how relatively young they were. Mick Bunting told me subsequently, that Percy Snowden had died of a heart attack. Which other teachers can you remember...... Bumble Simpson (woodwork), Rowley (music), Holy Joe Hay, Rutherford (Maths), oh my god I can't remember. Etchells (english). Straw Balls, I mean Mr Haycock (PE), and then who was the other PE teacher who lived at Coal Aston? The English teacher we had as a form teacher also lived at Coal Aston. === The following attachments may be of interest to the readers of this site compass67_CVKayHeadmasterRowlinson.pdf
  2. Rowlinsonschoolopening.pdfRowlinsonschoolopening.pdfIt's a pity that this thread dried up. I should be delighted to be in contact with some more of my old school friends. I was at Rowlie between 1959 and 1964. I'm still in touch, very occasionally, via FB, with Alan Gronbach (Gurney), and Patrick Shepherd. I did manage to make contact with Bill Antcliffe, via his daughter, a few years ago, but he didn't remember me at all even though we were good friends at school. Peter Rodgers ran the Old Rowlie's web site until about 2005, and we used to email each other until he retired, then contact stopped. Apparently, Ralph Lee lives in Holymoorside in Chesterfield, but I have not been in contact with him since 1966. Barrie Gostelow used to work in the steel research labs in Rotherham. Barrie uses Linkedin occasionally. Kevin McCabe is Chairman of Sheffield United, and we have made contact very occasionally over the years. A few "old Rowlies" were in the same scout troop as me:- (1) Tim Shaw, who is a couple of years older than me, became Professor of Architecture at Newcastle University and since retiring he now lives in Gloucestershire (2) Stuart Ackroyd, who was in the year above me, lives in London. Stuart's sister, Ruth, went out with me for a year or two when we were 12/13 years of age. I am in touch with Ruth, who is a vicar in the Wirral. The attached links and photographs may be of interest to readers. Rowlinsonschoolopening.pdf compass67_CVKayHeadmasterRowlinson.pdf Speech day programme 1964
  3. Hi Lou, Barney has found an old photo of the original school badge. He has posted it on the Rowlinson School group pages on Facebook.
  4. There is a John P Brennan (aged 65+) listed at living at 50 Hallam Grange Crescent, Sheffield S10 4BD. Surely, this cannot be our old geography teacher. Our John P Brennan used to live on Abbey Lane when we were at school, but I do recall that when we both worked at the Polytechnic that he talked to me about moving/having moved to Fullwood.
  5. Have you a copy of the original school badge? Several people have been asking about it on the School's site on FB. All I can find is the later badge (1961 onwards) - do you know if the original badge was modelled on the Central Technical School badge? http://www.rowlinson-sheffield.org.uk/rts/index.htm Rowlinson badge.tiff
  6. I was at Rowlinson between 59 and 64. Fred Rowley was my form teacher for two years (1O and 2O), then I was in 3/6 with Mr Stanton, after that I went to 4/13 with John Brennan and I was with him in 5/13 too. Percy Snowden was my French teacher (for the last 3 years) and the librarian. I worked in the library for three years. Spike Godfrey was my French teacher for the first two years. In 1979, when I was The Polytechnic Personnel Officer, I made Pop Otley, John Brennan, Percy Snowden, and Spike Godfrey redundant from the Sheffield City Polytechnic. John Brennan was very magnanimous in his praise for my dealings with the four of them. He clearly recalled me very well, as did Percy Snowden, who died of a heart attack soon after. John and Percy had been two of my biggest mentors and my life today, 50 years later, has been shaped by the attention that they showed me at School. Spike had also a big impact on my future life. I love all types of music but I cannot trace that back to Fred Rowley. Sorry Fred. You told me that I was tone deaf.
  7. Rowlinson school opening brochure (1953) and headmaster C V Kay Rwlinsonschoolopening.pdf compass67_CVKayHeadmasterRowlinson.pdf
  8. Thanks for the comment. Today, I have found a lot of photos of Leppings Lane (including the forge) on the Sheffield Local Libraries web site at http://www.picturesheffield.com/database.html Stuart
  9. The forge that you mentioned above was the Joseph C Allen Forge. Joseph was my g grandfather. He married Sarah Hill, daughter of James Hill, miller of Attercliffe. Sarah and Joseph died within a few months of each other in 1924. They were obviously so very much in love. Sarah Hill's grandfather, George, was a member of the inaugural Sheffield Town Council (elected with 99 votes in 1843 to represent Attercliffe). My grandfather, Charles Edmund Allen, managed the forge with his brothers until Charles died in December 1954 - the forge was then sold to Law Brothers, although the gossip in the family was that there was some funny business surrounding the sale. It may have been just sour grapes that they lost chance to realise the full value of all of the assets and the order book. I remember the forge, although I was only six when it closed. I recall the hammers; the office; and the stream running through the forge. I have confirmed my recollections only in recent years, after I met for the first time one of my elderly cousins, a niece of my grandparents. I remember my grandfather quite well too. I am the double of Charles. I have photos of my grandparents.
  10. I forgot to state, that in the Sheffield Archives there are records of claims for damage incurred in the Sheffield Flood. On 19 May 1865, James Hill, miller of Attercliffe Windmill, was granted £3-00 for damage to a boat (the ferry) that was used to ferry people "across the Don before the wooden bridge was put up". Claim for loss of property #3470 refers
  11. The Attercliffe Windmill, which was on the current Amberley Street, which as you state properly was owned by George Hill, existed until just before WWII. George was my g g g grandfather. He was elected to the first Sheffield Town Council in 1843 and he died at Attercliffe on March 27th 1858 leaving a considerable estate which was divided amongst a large family (eight). In another text book "A Walk Through Attercliffe" mention is made of George Hill being the miller and resident of the Windmill in 1806, although it seems according to Vine that the windmill was not built until 1811. The disparity in the accounts intrigues me. Ernest H Hill, was the younger son of George, and founder of Ernest H Hill Ltd, which still trades today. I have recently deposited documents about Ernest H Hill with Sheffield Archives. I have pdf copies of these files is anyone wishes to receive copies. I also have pdf versions available of letters dated 1840 and 1841 between George Hill and his eldest son, James, my g g grandfather. The Ernest H Hill prize is still awarded by Sheffield University to this day, as Ernest was a famous metallurgist and a patron of the University. A rather fabulous stained glass window called "Truth" is to be found in the Norfolk Chapel on Norfolk Street. The window commemorates the life of Clement Hill, son of Ernest H Hill Email me at stuartmorgan48 <at> gmail.com if you want to make contact
  12. My brother, Adrian Morgan (b.March 1956 - d.Feb 2009) went to Meersbrook Bank J&I and then on passing his 11+ went to Abbeydale Boys Grammar School.
  13. I went to Meersbrook Bank J&I (1953 - 1959) and then on passing the 11+ I went to Rowlinson Technical School (1959 - 1964), Dyches Lane at Meadowhead (later it became Norton Campus of Sheffield College). Charile Kay aka Yak, who lived at Stradbrooke, was the headmaster at Rowlinson. I have a good memory of most of the teachers at that time. Chairman of Sheffield United FC, Kevin McCabe, was a school friend at Rowlinson. Kevin's name is just above mine in the list of those achieving GCE "O" Level passes on page 4 of the school's speech day programme (attached). I am still in touch with a few old school friends from both schools, although I have travelled the world and have now settled in Swansea, South Wales. I have taken an interest in the history of Sheffield particularly since my mother's family played such an important part in the formal establishment of Sheffield as a town in 1843, and the development of the steel industry.