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  1. Like many other people here I remember the sleigh and grotto at the bottom of the Moor, and my family used to travel a fair old way to see it. My family was from the Dearne Valley, but we moved to the East Riding in the early 1970s. My mum and dad were quite homesick for a long time I think, and for a few Christmases my dad would drive us all the 70 miles or so to Sheffield to see the lights, and Father Christmas and the sleigh and the trees. My mum and dad were so proud of the lights that they persuaded some friends from our new village to come with them. I remember after seeing Father Christmas and the lights we'd get some chips, then fall asleep in the car on the way back to the Wolds. So my memory is really of Sheffield as this magical, enormous, fairyland place that you had to travel what seemed like hours and hours to get to. I still a feel a bit like that now when I think back, and it's great reading other people's memories here. Richard
  2. I'm very pleased to see someone mention Blammo here. I saw them at the Adelphi Club in Hull in about 1989 and thought they were great. But having heard nothing of them since, I'd come to wonder if they might have been a figment of my imagination.
  3. Thank you very much for that reply - it would explain why I've never been able to track down any details! I'd never thought to look for/ask about RAF stations, which looking back is a major oversight, as I'm sure ENSA performed for all the forces. From what I've read about troops' opinion of some ENSA parties, they could have been used as punishment for any POWs trying to escape! This really gives me something to go on now, so thank you again.
  4. Thanks for the reply sheffieldsoldier, that's amazing. Your great aunt and uncle are my favourite characters in the whole film. The part where Harold gets his gift in recognition of retirement after his long service to the firm brings a lump to my throat - a scene from a lost world. Also the washing at the kitchen sink brings back a few memories!
  5. Hello, I've just joined the site having enjoyed reading for some months. I wondered if anyone knew where there were any army camps or bases in or near Sheffield during WW2? My family is from Highgate near Goldthorpe in the Dearne Valley, and my grandfather was a part-time entertainer in pubs, clubs and theatres. He was in ENSA, and one night during heavy bombing of Sheffield (I think it must have been the December 12 raid) he was at a camp in Sheffield as part of a concert party. My grandmother, who was pregnant with my mum at the time, used to say that she could see the orange of the fires from the bedroom window, and feel the windows rattle, although whether that last bit could be true I don't know. I've always wondered where exactly he might have been, and have never been able to find out what camps there were in/around the city at the time.
  6. I've just joined the site, and reading this forum with interest I couldn't see any mention of the BBC documentary from the 1970s called All In A Day, which captures events in Sheffield on a single day in 1973. I love this film. I see someone has uploaded a good chunk of it on YouTube, starting here: Hope this post is OK!