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  1. The old Co op store on Ecclesall Rd. was one of the places to shop in the 1950's when I was growing up. It also had what I thought at the time was a posh restaurant where we celebrated many family occasions. It was to me then like Meadowhall is today.
  2. Anyone remember Duncan's Pawn Shop at top of Woodseats Rd, corner with Chesterfied Rd. Used to enjoy looking in shop windows when I was a child in the 1950s
  3. Apart from the stream running through the bottom of Barbers Field there was a fresh water spring coming out on the Woodseats Rd side of the stream, I don't think this was the Wild Well but would favour the Dale site.
  4. Very sad, Nick tried to keep business going but it had passed to him like a millstone around his neck.
  5. My father in law Vic Harrison won this award, I think it was early 70's. He lived on Aldam Rd. and was a very accomplished gardener and was very proud of his garden and flowers, many people came to see and admire it and to seek advice from him.
  6. There used to be an Army & Navy store at the bottom of the Moor 1950's
  7. I seem to remember a time when Woolworths had their store in Locano building or was it another store ?
  8. I also used to go on Sat. Mornings, always tried to get seat at back, Three Stooges spring to mind.
  9. I remember it more or less like this, the store on the left was Kays Household Store owned by the Wheen bros. It ran from the corner of and down the Arcade. I once won a painting competition organised by the cinema.
  10. Such a shame that so many charming old buildings were allowed to be demolished by Sheffield council.