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  1. Thank You Edmund , so it looks like Grimsell is some sort of corruption of Crimsall or Grimsel or Crimsal. Thanks for the map , I would say that the path of the Earthworks runs from where Flar Field and Cockshutt Lane meet through Crimsall and on towards Holme.It is amost a natural corridor . Anyone else got any comments as to why someone would want to build Earthworks in such an obscure place. Regards Rooby Doo tel: 07748403815
  2. I went for a cycle yesterday and ended up at Birley Edge,there is a sort of earthworks there that I have identified as "Grimsell Round" Does anyone know anything about it,I can find nothing at all on Google,that is unusual,the last time that happened I was investigating the chemical content of Creosote. Thanks Rooby Doo 07748403815
  3. roobydoo

    Ken Hawley

    I'm a bit confused,if you look up Matilda Street you would see where Dixons used to be on the next block to the Debenhams block,between them was Rockingham Way,there was not a deal on there apart from access to a car park and a loading bay,on your RHS would be Woolworths and Burtons. In the Picture Sheffield photo S23877 you can make out Hawleys Tools on the LHS opposite Blacks camping ,from the car registration numbers taken about 1988.You can see Marks and Spencers building on the far side of the Moor. Did Mr Hawley have an earlier shop on Matilda Street? --RoobyDoo--tel:07748403815
  4. roobydoo

    Ken Hawley

    I could remember the shop "Hawleys Tools" but could not remember where it was,after a bit of head scratching I wondered if it was the "Posh" tool shop just off The Moor,sure enough that was it ,on Earl Street ,now demolished to make way for the transferred Castle Market. There is a photo of Earl Street and the shops on Picture Sheffield reference s23877 I can remember going into the shop K.W.Hawleys as a young adult and asking about some tool or other,I recall the man in the shop being a bit sharp with me so I never bothered going back in,possibly this was Ken Hawley. As a young man I didn't know a lot about tools but I could at least ask ,maybe Mr Hawley didn't like dealing with Adolescent Riff Raff. Anyway now I can appreciate that he did have a contribution to make to an important aspect of Sheffield History. --RoobyDoo tel 07748403815--
  5. I am trying to find any information about the "Broughton Colliery" that was somewhere near Broughton Lane. I believe that one of my relations was involved in a strike there around 1870,however I have not been able to find any details about the colliery. I have part of a map from that era that show coal pits around Broughton Lane and wondered if these were what constituted Broughton Colliery.
  6. Yes the Comet down at Malin Bridge , I remember it well . I grew up just up the hill from there , it must have opened in about 1970 . I left Myers Grove in 1975 and went to Stannington College , I needed a calculator and went to Comet to buy one , it was an Adler , anyway for whatever reason I didn't buy it , probably lack of money , working in the steelworks the pay was shocking , any way I got a secondhand Casio from somewhere that i can't remember , it had a flourescent green display and lasted up until the early 80s when it just stopped ... displaying that is . I wonder if the Adler would have lasted any longer ? I still see Casio calculators but I don't remember seeing an Adler. Both myself and my mum left the area in the early 80s , I was talking to her the other week about my childhood in the 1960s , she said that when Comet was first opened she bought a tumble dryer from there , but because they wanted such alot of money to deliver it she brought it home in a wheel barrow! She would have been in her early 30s then , that is the same age as my daughter is now , somehow I can't imagine my daughter struggling home with a kitchen appliance in a wheel barrow.. Ah well when needs must
  7. I am really pleased that someone else remembers this church. I moved onto Stanwood in 1965 ish and made friends with a lad called Ross Jackson , he lived with his parents on Wood Lane opposite the Myers Grove playing fields almost directly opposite the entrance to the farm that is sandwiched between Myers Grove and Shooters Grove Schools. Under pressure from Ross's parents I went along with him to the chapel , it always smelled abit damp and musty to me , at the time I would have been 11 or 12 years old , Ross would have been a couple of years older. Being that age I admitedly did "mess about abit" which brought me to the attention of the verger , I did not like him at all , I found him a very menicing individual , so much so that I made absolutely sure never to be in a room on my own alone with him. After a short period and my run-in with the so called authority I decided that the church was just too boring for me . The new church was built at the Stannington Road end of Stanwood Road , I can remember that being constructed but I don't think I've ever been inside it .(In fact I didn't know that to two churches were connected until I read this article). The old Woodland View chuch near the junction of Stannington Road and Wood Lane may have been abandoned in 1972 but I don't think it was demolished for a few years ater that . I seem to remember being about 16 at the time maybe 17 and getting off a bus directly outside it , or is my memory playing tricks on me ? The site of the new church was where a prefab developement once stood , there were prefabs all along Stanwood Road , all made of asbestos sheet , when these were demolished they were just smashed to pieces , there was no fencing off or hazardous waste disposal proceedure , these days Health and Safety would be having a fit ! What I can remember about the sevices at Woodland View Chapel was that the Vicar (Is that the methodist word) seemed to be obsessed with the helping of the poor in India , it sounded to me like we were all going to be shipped out there to hand out bibles and food, As a young school lad I did question the finer points of this and came to the conclusion that "The very Very Victorian Vicar in his very Very Victorian Chapel was talking very Very Victorian Balderdash and Piffle" Thanks for reading my memories , Regards Chris (Tel xxxxxxxxx)