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  1. I think I went to that Human League gig-like I say,my memory's all fuddled!I know I went to one of theirs at the Limit.Other gigs I went to there were:B52s,OMD,John Cooper Clark,Linton Kwesi Johnson,The Undertones,UB40 (I have a photo of that,I'll hv to try to download it),the Specials I think or was that at Top Rank?When I recall the Limit I get this wonderful reminiscence full of youthful exitement!Obviously at my age now the new Limit that's going to open won't have the same atmosphere but even so it'll be great to hear all the old music!
  2. Aged 17 to 19 (am 51 now)I went to The Limit almost every Monday Friday & Saturday & I also sometimes went on Wednesdays which was Reggae night.Unfortunately due to the excess of alcohol consumed lots of memories from there have disappeared!But I know I always had a brilliant time there,I never felt threatened-just ran into the ladies if ever there was a fight-& the music was absolutely fantastic!The atmosphere was always really exiting.I went to 3 of the reunions in past couple of years at the Casbah.Apparently there's going to be a new Limit opening on Arundel Gate this month(November 2011).Can't wait-all the old music has been promised!!