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  1. Mike Groves borrowed RM1109 109 CLT for three months, Sept to Nov 1988. The bus never failed once whilst it was here and was in excellant condition bodily and mechanically. It was always used on the 72, High Green-City and did the odd bingo run in the evening. If the experiment proved sucessful more RM`s would have appeared, in the end it was to costly. RM1109 later appeared with Rotherham and District and with the Stevensons backing recieved their yellowy orange livery.
  2. Yes it was, with Stevensons of Utoxetter being involved.
  3. At the present time I don`t think we will see any opendays with First South Yorkshire, the MD hates transport enthusiasts.
  4. I believe RM8 and RM1933 were also there that day. It was the best openday I`ve ever attended.
  5. Bobby Knutts mother lived across the road from my grandmother on Lindsey Drive which is behind Deerlands Avenue.
  6. Donalds father was station master at Ecclesfield East Station which was on the old GCR branch to Barnsley Court House Station. The station closed on the 7th of December 1953 and the goods yard became a scrapyard, scrapping railway stock. There is no trace whatsoever of the station. Ecclesfield West then became just Ecclesfield.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I was told by another exHerries driver who worked for Groves, Alan Clayton, no relation to Ernest that he was a pro footballer and played for Wednesday. I`ve looked into this but haven`t been able to find anything out. Ernest went on to drive buses for Rotherham & District after Groves sold his services to SYT. Changing the subject most of Mikes drivers were ex Herries men with some Eastbank and Greenland men aswell. Quite a few have now passed on to the big bus garage in the sky.
  8. The driver you refer to was Ernest Clayton. He was a driver at Herries Road for many years and was nicknamed Vinegar Face. He was a miserable old sod when driving buses. I can remember him stopping his bus outside Ecclesfield police station to complain about all the double parked cars on St Mary`s Lane outside a certain chippy. I knew Ernest when he was at Groves and was quite a funny and likeable chap. I now believe he passed away a few years ago.
  9. As far as I know it was 355 EWB 355C a 1965 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/2 with an East Lancs(Neepsend) H44/33F body, which was built on Penistone Road. It went to Stannington College in October 1977, how long it was there I don`t know.
  10. Both the jubilee buses were painted by Greater Manchester PTE under contract to Primesight and were spray painted. Both 229 and 271 were painted with a purple band, 271 being sponsered by Debanhams was repainted into light blue, their house colours. Whilst under retoration traces of the purple band was found.