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  1. Gofur

    Help needed with this photo

    There are seats around the upper walls of Heeley baths unless they are a later addition after the photo was taken. Also at each end there is one big filled in window like arch
  2. Gofur

    Joseph Berley Waggon and Horses

    1881census. a Joseph Berley and his wife Harriet had the Waggon. The census has his name as Joseph Barley
  3. There was a Thomas Major born in Sheffield 1845 Q3 22 565 There was a Thomas Major died in Sheffield 1898 aged 53 from sheffieldindexers MAJOR, Thomas (grocer, age 53). Died at 17 & 19 Channing St.; Buried on December 23, 1898 in Consecrated ground; Grave Number 46, Section P4 of Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield. Parent or Next of Kin if Available: . Remarks: 44408 Attending Minister: J H Ainsworth.
  4. Gofur

    Removal of Stone Slabs

    If they were stolen then Amey should have a crime number and be able to replace then with the insurance
  5. Believe Alma, once Kelham Tavern now Fat Cat was on what is now Alma St which is above White Hart, now Kelham Island Tavern and Globe Steel Works
  6. Gofur

    Royal visits to Sheffield

    Childrens Choir, for the visit of HRH The Prince of Wales 29 May 1923
  7. Gofur

    Royal visits to Sheffield

    The Royal visit to Sheffield July 12 1905
  8. Gofur

    Royal visits to Sheffield

    I have nearly the same post card but titled The Queens Visit 1897, Blonk St
  9. Gofur

    Boys Brigade

    Was in the 78th Coy, Brunswick Trinity Ch, Highfields, Can't remember district think it was either 1 or 2