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  1. There is a double s (ss) at the end of Warriss. I am a distant cousin of Ben Warriss.
  2. Blake Street is the steepest hill in Sheffield. Cycle clubs used to hold hill time trials up Blake Street. Herbert Knapton used to live at No.47. I was his apprentice
  3. i have worked in many parts of the U.K. When the locals found that I lived in Sheffield, I was invariably asked to supply them with a few bottles of Hendersons. I found a bottle in a French market place, (le Chat) a small town near Limoges
  4. I saw Jimmy Jewell and Ben Warriss at the Lyceum in a panto. Also remember "Up the Pole" on the radio on a Friday night. I also remember meeting them in "Berts Cafe" in Charles Street. They premiered a show "Red Shoes" in Sheffield but it was a flop when it went to London. Morcambe and Wise acknowledged that they modled their show on that of Jewell and Warriss. Ben Warris's mother used to borrow the rent of my grandmother on a Monday and then pay it back on Friday !!