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  1. CRIKEY! you must have been me! or I was you!.... thats just as I remember it too! although I also remember my dad driving up the whicker, through waingate, oyl in't'road, high st,(then maybe leopold street?,) pinstone st, and down the moor get parked up and into Atkinson's or some other dept store for a sit on Santas knee! .. this year as a nod to my (future) wifes 20 year stretch in Australia (non-penal)..we had Kangaroo for xmas lunch.. delicious too!!
  2. having just read this and remembered this series,I would like to say " thanks chaps" its just cost me£23 as I have just bought the box set off amazon!!
  3. Beighton Motor Company, I had forgot about them, sat for hours outside the pub opposite as a kid, now what was the name of the pub that would be the royal oak"
  4. Thanks folks, the scales were part of our growing up in the 60's... were both 50 next year and have memories of getting weighed, and we often speculate as to if we were in the queue at the same time! ...how sad! (the hours fly by in our house!)... lol
  5. we would love to see a photo of the old scales in the market, do's anyone have a link please??