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  1. High Matlock Road used to be an unmade road until I think the early 90,s. Has anyone any pictures. Or of the surrounding roads.
  2. Surely someone must own the site, or is it council owned. The sheet barricades occasionally are renewed by someone but who.
  3. Thanks John, Syl ,Steve and Barbara. My wifes parents were married there in 1956 and we have photos looking out from the church door onto the road. Thanks
  4. Thanks Steve and Richard My wifes grandfather was THC Taylor (Plumber) He bought 105 and 107 Washington Road and the goodwill of the existing business (W.A. Bridges) in 1925 for the sum of £900.00. We have one photo of the shop (105) with my wifes grandmother stood outside. We also have some slides of the demolition of the properties in the 1970,s. We are hoping someone may have recollections of the business. Taylor Bros traded as plumbers from 1925 until 1984 Thanks
  5. Hi everyone does anyone have any memories of Taylor Bros Plumbers. 105 Washington Road Sheffield. Any old photos or recollections etc Thanks
  6. Does anyone know where this church was and if it is still used. any info would be appreciated Thanks