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  1. ​I watched a documentary on music halls a while ago. In the early 1800s the acts were held in pubs where mostly workers would drink. Over time the places got too small due to the population boom and so music halls were built especially. These halls would host acts that appealed to all classes of society, but at the time were seen as immoral. They also had a growing problem with prostitution. The 1880s saw the height of the arguments by the temperance movement to have such acts banned, which caused uproar among the working classes (men and women alike).
  2. I think it may be the 1949 walk. I know my nanan sent off for the picture because she was in it. Top right corner of the crowd is my great grandad, and left of the lamp post with the curly hair is my nanan.
  3. Thanks steve, and for the link. that's him.
  4. i have a pic of the star walk somewhere from the 50's or 60's. It has my nanan and her dad amongst the spectators
  5. one of my ancestors was the landlord at the white hart on worksop road, c.1891 - 1896
  6. You don't happen to remember a woman called Jean Worthington at tiffany's, do you?