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  1. thanks for previous assistance, i have another look up i need doing ,if anyone can help .annie walker ,birth 1904/5 died i believe in the seventies before death she was residing at greasborough street in tinsley . i,m not sure if she ever married but walker was her birth surname. many thanks
  2. hi richard thanks for the welcome. we are looking for any information from the beginning of the 1900,s i.e occupations ,inhabitants etc we believe they lived at number 1 chapel yard . any info would be great many thanks kevos
  3. Hi, has anybody got any information on these families - they lived at Chapel Yard, Town End ? Many thanks.
  4. does anyone out there know of any information on the said families i.e war time activities etc any info would be appreciated? .kevos
  5. hi bill gorman was my uncle, his wife lily was my mothers sister lily was brought up on surbiton street in attercliffe carbrook sheffield . her father was frank corr and her mother was lily bowden yours kevos
  6. hi bonnie, thanks for your response, can you perhaps give me some idea of what this means as i see it, are all the people mentioned in the grave plot section s number 125 c. if this is correct my father had siblings that died at the ages of 4,6 ,5 that i did,nt know about but also what i find confusing is the internment of arthur ledger as i have no idea who this is .also does the information you have given to me tell me that the siblings albert,margaret,andwalter were triplets please help many thanks kevos
  7. hi, i hope someone out there can assist me in locating the grave of my paternal grandparents there is a good chance they were buried in tinsley park cemetery as this is where my father was buried. their names were willie walker and his wife was florence walker nee toseland .willie died in 1946 in sheffield (attercliffe) but i am unsure when florence died or where she died any information would be gratefully recieved many thanks