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  1. Thanks for help on how to load my photos of Sharrow Bowling Club water jug. Here goes ----
  2. Sorry, I didn't know how to attach my pics of water jug. Cut and paste doesn't seem to work on this media
  3. Many thanks for the map which I am sure is Sharrow Bowling club off Kenwood Bank. My grandfather lived for a while on Oakbrook Road after emigrating from Stockport. I can imagine him walking down Rustlings Road to Hunters Bar and then Sharrow Vale Road to the Bowling Club. Attached are two views of the silver (EPNS actually) water jug he won as a prize. Other than the engravings on each side there are no other markings.
  4. I have been trying to find where Sharrow Bowling club was located. There was a Highfield Club House and bowling green at 132 London road ( later renumbered 220). Was the Highland Club a pub type club? Or was this the clubhouse for the Sharrow Bowling club? I have a beautiful silver water jug given to my grandfather Ralph Hadfield inscribed with his initials on one side and on the other side "Sharrow Bowling Clubs 1907". The 1903 ordnance survey map for Sheffield (eccesall road & sharrow) shows that there was a bowling club very close to the junction of ecclesall road and cemetery road. I think this must be where St Marys gate is now located. If so, the bowling club would have gone when the new road was constructed. Does anybody have any information about Sharrow Bowling Club please.
  5. My uncle, Arnold Sykes, was apprenticed to Kennings as a motor mechanic on leaving Nether Green school about 1923. The remarkable thing about Arnold was that he finished his working life there in 1971 still as a mechanic. He was called up and served with the REME in the Yorks and Lancasters, during WW2 and was evacuated from Dunkirk (I remember him getting home from there in a filthy and dishevelled state). On demob he was happy to go straight back to Kennings as a mechanic. He never owned a car but had a BSA motorbike for a while! But he could drive a car, and Kennings would let him borrow a car at the weekend whenever he wanted one. He took me and my sister and a couple of my aunts out for a drive to Ladybower when it was being constructed, and one day we went as far as Blackpool to see my Grandparents who had retired there. After the war he lived with his wife and mother-in-law in Bamford. Their house was a small "two-up and two-down" place with outside toilet. He had two daughters so I'm amazed how the five of them managed. Arnold lived there for the rest of his life except for the last couple of years when his health deteriorated and he went into care. I'm sure that Kennings were agents for Morris and Austin.
  6. Regarding list of pub keepers for Howard Hotel, Walkley, please add 1939 William Earnest "Bert" Balmforth He was the son of "Charlie" Balmforth, the previous Keeper (since about 1916)