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  1. Yeah thanks mate, those pics are good ones, i'v got that same shot I took a year ago aswell. If you wanna add those pics to the flickr topic your more then welcome mate. http://www.flickr.com/groups/1778204@N24/discuss/72157628120382088/
  2. Hi all I.v just thought I would start thread about the old Sheffield skyline and how much it has changed compared to now. So if anyone has any old Sheffield skyline pics then please add them here. I'v also started a topic on the same thing on flickr on my new group Sheffield Skyline if anybody would be interested to join and add their old skyline pics?here is the link http://www.flickr.co...57628120382088/ Here is one of my old skyline pics. New Sheffield Under Construction by Richard Cartawick(Mr Brightside), on Flickr
  3. A new planning app has gone in to demolish this building, if u wanna see it saved then object to it here. http://planning.sheffield.gov.uk/pub...rchtype=WEEKLY
  4. The application for the listing was rejected, so it looks like your way of potentially saving the building might be the only way.
  5. Can you send me the link to that? i'm also trying unsuccessfully trying to find the architect of Hambledon House if anybody has any ideas?
  6. Thanks for the info people, I have now submitted an application for a possible listing, lets see how it goes.
  7. Does anybody actually know when the former SYPTE offices were actually first built?
  8. Hi all i'm new to this forum but have specifically joined to get info on the Former SYPTE on Exchange Street. I'm doing this because a planning application has gone in to demolish the building. This is such a great building and it would be a crime to see it demolished. I'm currently trying to get it listed I just need some historical and architectural info on the building then so I can submit it for a possible listing.