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  1. Good afternoon

    A long shot this but many years ago you posted about L du Guarde Peach on this web site and said you listened to a talk about the Village players. As I have just posted a photo on the page can you remember who gave the talk please?

    Dr Peach was, as far as I know, always know as Laurie.


    Cheers and thank you for reading



  2. Just another HUGE THANK YOU for all your efforts..... Amazing....
  3. WE. Keep trying to send you pm but failed. Might be repeating myself here but please can I obtain a copy of your video? Not sure how to do this but can it be posted like the other one. Do hope this is not causing you problems but I am certain the elderly hore owner will be OVER JOYED at all your efforts. Perhaps dr stanley culd tell you how to do it if that helps and you don't mind
  4. Excellent work! Is it OK to copy the video and if so how!
  5. Is there a limit on pm's and have you reached it? Don't want to miss things now......
  6. Trying to send a PM to WE but cannot. Not sure why BUT do want to obtain video. Any ideas
  7. So, the horse colour is confirmed as BROWN with a white "T" shaped face marking Used December 1961 on the Moor, Sheffield. The horse owner (now 87) is looking for a good picture of his MUCH loved animal on The Moor. Horse called FLOWER. His friends would love to present him with a good picture of this animal ASAP as he has been in better health. Thank you for all the previous posts. Keep them coming
  8. From what I have been told it is a brown horse with a white face mark if that is any help. NOT a white horse
  9. Glad to keep you busy. :-) As I said, I cannot confirm the horse colour till next week, but it is defo the 1961 Moor edition I think we need. Sorry to be so vague but..... At a guess the horse was not white, but this is ONLY a guess. It was used for horse ploughing as well I am told.
  10. Seen this, but it seems to stop at 1960 whereas I am looking for 1961. Any further ideas? Thanks for helping
  11. Now we seem to be getting somewhere. Anyone know the number for the video and where it can be bought?
  12. Without breaking any rules is it possible to see the first picture you mention.? If it is the correct one (from 1961) I am sure this could be taken further. MANY thanks for help...
  13. Could you post a link to this please. The only one I found like that had the video removed by the owner. Thanks for post though :-)