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  1. The stinker comment was meant as a compliment, you've done a great job so far ! Just wait for my George Arthur Brant posting, you'll love that one ... origins back in the 1980's - the question that is, the answer eludes us ... had us searching for a combined total of 30 years.
  2. There once was a playground in the sky, what was all that about ? Where/what was it ? Did the pupils wear a uniform ? etc etc blah blah For advanced students, where did the educational establishment relocate to ? Where did the stone come from that was used to build their new building ? What gap did it create ? I'll find one yet that stumps you ! This seems a marvelous resource and a body of considerable knowlege...
  3. It's my birthday tomorrow. so, by the Ancient Laws of Hallamshire Fat-Balding-Blokies, which I just created, I'm allowed another go. Because it's me, it's a stinker ...... bottom of Snig Hill there used to be a pub The Pack Horse Inn", people used to box there for money, what chance of a picture of where they used to box ? I already have an engraving of the place, put could a photo exist ?
  4. Excellent work, I know about Pinfold, but great work in finding this info - I don't believe a picture exists so I'm breathing normally again :rolleyes:
  5. Thanks for the picture, so a bit survives huh ? This was the site of a brewery, Crown Brewery I believe, but also the site of the original Sheffield Barracks. Infirmary Road and Langsett road didn't used to join, and Whitehouse Lane didn't used to have the bend at the very bottom, indeed Whitehouse Lane used to extend and join Infirmary Road much further on towards town. Check an old map. Thanks again.
  6. How about a picture of the outside of the building for reference, please ?
  7. Since my previous request was 99.99% impossible (and I had my fingers crossed at the time) I'm posting another request I'd like a picture of the little house at Owlerton, next door to the Barrack Tavern, or New Barrack, can't remember a bit along from the Barracks on the bottom road, going towards Town. I don't have my A-Z here at the moment, 140 miles drive is a bit much, find the pub, the house is next door. Much appreciated.
  8. I don't know if all of this has been pulled down, would like to know what is there in its place
  9. Self explanatory, I like the cartoon
  10. I'm making mine a really difficult one, be warned I'd like to see a picture of the Town Hall that used to stand near the Cathedral, I know it was demolished before photographs, any kind of representation engraving, wood-cut owt. This is one of four town halls I am aware of, can you locate all four ? (two are easy, still standing, the third is the one mentioned here, now about the fourth one)
  11. Two years ago I visited Wardsend Cemetary, down the back of the Owlerton track, keep going, over the bridge with lots and lots of traffic lights on it, stand in the mud by the scrapyard - now I stood there for 20 minutes - eventually you will come to realise that you are probably only 30 feet away from the nearest gravestone. Form a group if you're local, go visit, my sister and I had a great time there. Wouldn't suggest going there alone, not cuz it's particularly dangerous or anything, it's just an easy place to trip and fall. Take along a change of clothes, especially if it's wet. My sister and me visited in February, it was cold, it was wet. She slid on her backside halfway down the hill, we both fell over and indeed into the graves. We had a marvelous time, then we visited my elderly Uncle - me with one trouser leg rolled up so the mud didn't get all over the car and my sister wearing a bin-liner like a skirt. "I could have told you that you wouldn't find any graves left there" my Uncle said, "We've had a great time Uncle" I replied, "and as we limped and hobbled and dripped our way back to the car I could have sworn I heard two people laughing, one an old man and one a very young child"
  12. Hello Folks Rev Josph Hunter's 1819 book "Hallamshire. The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York", is partially online, OK it's only the first two chapters but it beats spending £220 on the book itself http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Hallamshire...._County_of_York keep your eyes peeled for updates
  13. A fine and innovative idea, not much good if they have built a car park on top of your Victorian Grandparents house, but, excellent where buildings still remain.
  14. Hendersons Relish has been available from Morrisons Supermarkets (outside the South Yorkshire area) for about 2 years. Bought a bottle at the weekend in Whitley Bay area, near Newcastle upon Tyne :rolleyes: