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  1. Montgomery College eBay details : Hard to place the exact dates of these pictures but we believe they would be 1870-1910 era based on the clothing. One picture shows the boys in their cricket gear and bats! Both pictures are by E Oswald Parkin of The Grosvenor Studio in Sheffield. The more formal picture of the boys in their suits has a sign on the side of the buidling that reads Montgomery College and another stone below it that indicates the cornerstone was laid by the Mayor Thomas Moore in 1869. I can't locate information on Montgomery College in Sheffield but I did locate a Thomas Moore who was Mayor of Sheffield England at that time. These are large pictures, with the paper matte frame they measure approx 18" x 14" each. It says ...
  2. eBay Not me selling, not me bidding etc etc.
  3. No firm date, too good not to post. "Theatre programme for a presentation of ballet by Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin at The City Hall Sheffield believed to be in the 1940s Included are 2 newspaper cuttings about the programme " eBay
  4. "Sheffield Town Hall - 1903 Fire - 3 servants rescued from roof". Card dated 9th June 1903. eBay "The records of the Sheffield Fire Brigade refer to this fire at the Albany Hotel as one of their major fires."
  5. 28th December 1944 - Sheffield Philhormonic Society Christmas Concert (Malcolm Sargent) and 25th January 1948 Bolsterstone Relief Fund - Massed Male Voice Choirs eBay
  6. Harold Fielding's presentation of Albert Sandler 21st November 1945 and Harold Fielding's presentation of the well known duo of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth 5th February 1946 eBay
  7. I've been rummaging too and basicaly have come up with the same range of stuff as Edmund.
  8. Similar period of time. Civil unrest, the rumblings of Bastille felt across Europe.
  9. Military Force of Great Britain at the time of the Accession of George the IVth. 15th Light Dragoon, Duke of Cumberland's, 273 horses and 439 men including Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Private Men. Stationed at Sheffield, December 1820. Horse Barracks anyone ?
  10. Source - naughty chap, 1820.
  11. Magnificent. Utter gibberish or a clever means of advertising ?
  12. Any attempt is better than none ! Large gable end, presumably with a track or passageway between the buildings. Cobbled street with very wide pavements. Got to be Whitsun with all them nice new clothes.
  13. Someone has no doubt scribbled 1861 somewhere and it has become "factualised" even though incorrect.
  14. eBay Failing singularly to upload a copy of the picture. Is it Sheffield ? if so, where ? and what approximate year etc etc
  15. Just to nudge this along a bit; five House Points if you can name the Licensed Victualler mentioned above the Family Gr.... sign. (It's a Beerhouse, not a public house).
  16. I know the answer and everything I've guessed at so far is completely wrong. I'll shut up and let other people try to untangle the problem.
  17. Florist maybe ? 119 Broad Lane - don't want to distract from other ideas. Townhead/Broad was just a thought.