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  1. No firm date, too good not to post. "Theatre programme for a presentation of ballet by Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin at The City Hall Sheffield believed to be in the 1940s Included are 2 newspaper cuttings about the programme " eBay
  2. "Sheffield Town Hall - 1903 Fire - 3 servants rescued from roof". Card dated 9th June 1903. eBay "The records of the Sheffield Fire Brigade refer to this fire at the Albany Hotel as one of their major fires."
  3. 28th December 1944 - Sheffield Philhormonic Society Christmas Concert (Malcolm Sargent) and 25th January 1948 Bolsterstone Relief Fund - Massed Male Voice Choirs eBay
  4. Harold Fielding's presentation of Albert Sandler 21st November 1945 and Harold Fielding's presentation of the well known duo of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth 5th February 1946 eBay
  5. I've been rummaging too and basicaly have come up with the same range of stuff as Edmund.
  6. Similar period of time. Civil unrest, the rumblings of Bastille felt across Europe.
  7. Military Force of Great Britain at the time of the Accession of George the IVth. 15th Light Dragoon, Duke of Cumberland's, 273 horses and 439 men including Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Private Men. Stationed at Sheffield, December 1820. Horse Barracks anyone ?
  8. Source - naughty chap, 1820.
  9. Magnificent. Utter gibberish or a clever means of advertising ?
  10. Any attempt is better than none ! Large gable end, presumably with a track or passageway between the buildings. Cobbled street with very wide pavements. Got to be Whitsun with all them nice new clothes.
  11. Someone has no doubt scribbled 1861 somewhere and it has become "factualised" even though incorrect.
  12. eBay Failing singularly to upload a copy of the picture. Is it Sheffield ? if so, where ? and what approximate year etc etc
  13. Just to nudge this along a bit; five House Points if you can name the Licensed Victualler mentioned above the Family Gr.... sign. (It's a Beerhouse, not a public house).
  14. I know the answer and everything I've guessed at so far is completely wrong. I'll shut up and let other people try to untangle the problem.
  15. Florist maybe ? 119 Broad Lane - don't want to distract from other ideas. Townhead/Broad was just a thought.
  16. Fair TradesFair Trades HotelFairway InnFalconFalcon InnFalcon/HawkFalstaff HotelFar LeesFarasFarfield/Owl/Muff InnFarmyard VaultsFarrier's Arms
  17. Not entirely sure, but this has the feeling of Townhead Street .... perfectly willing to be wrong, just a thought/starter for ten.
  18. eBay £600. Cut and paste of information supplied, because it is a lovely piece of work. ITEMS ONCE BELONGING TO 19th CENTURY LEAGUE FOOTBALLER, LEONARD J. CLEGG. Including Clegg's Sheffield Football Club 1886-87 Membership Card & Fixture List. Clegg's 1891 Condensed Diary & Engagement Book. His Daughter Theodora's Marriage Certificate, Witnessed by Clegg, and his two Brothers - Charles, Sheffield Wednesday Footballer & President of the English Football Association, as well as being Chairman of both Wednesday and United (being a co-Founder) - and William, Sheffield F.C. & Wednesday Player, and fellow England International. Also Four Original Photographs of Leonard J. Clegg. Leonard J Clegg was a League footballer for Sheffield F.C. during the 1880's, gaining entry into the Midland League in the 1889-90 season. He later became a solicitor and Justice of the Peace in Sheffield, and became father to William John Clegg M.C., of the 1/1st Yorkshire Dragoons (Queens’ Own) Yeomanry. William John was promoted to Lieutenant whilst serving in France, Belgium and Germany from September 1916 to May 1919. He was awarded the Military Cross in 1919, and the citation read: "On 20th October 1918, south-west of Vichte, for conspicuous gallantry and good work whilst leading an advanced platoon. He continually came under very heavy machine-gun fire from his flank. He pressed forward, and succeeded in capturing seven field guns and over thirty prisoners." As stated above, Leonard's marriage certificate witnesses include his two brothers: (Sir) John Charles Clegg (1851-1937) was popularly known as 'the great old man of football'. Starting off as a player, he became the President of the English Football Association. Additionally though, he was instrumental in the founding of Sheffield United F.C. (1889, and also served as President of Both Sheffield United & Sheffield Wednesday Football Clubs. In 1872 he played in the first recognised international game between England & Scotland, and also took part (as team Captain) in the World's first floodlit football match on the 14th October, 1878. He also refereed international matches, and was referee for both the 1882 & 1892 F.A. Cup Finals. He was considered to be the 'Elder Statesman' of the Association code; and served as F.A. Chairman from 1890 -1923, becoming the Association President in 1923. In 1927 he was knighted, which was football's first Knighthood, the next player to receive a knighthood was Stanley Mathews thirty eight years later. Leonard's other brother, (Sir) William Edwin Clegg (1852-1932), was popularly known as the 'Uncrowned King of Sheffield'. He too was an international player, and on the 8th March, 1873, he played for England in their second ever international match, as they defeated Scotland 4-2, and in doing so he and Charles, who had played in the previous game, became the first brothers to both be capped by their country. He played in around 40 games for Sheffield F.C., going on to join Sheffield Albion in 1878; and then in January 1879 he played in the first international game not to be played against Scotland. William later became a solicitor, and defended the notorious murderer Charles Peace at the Police Court proceedings, which took place in the corridor of the Sheffield Police Station, after Peace had been injured in his attempt to escape from a train. He was also a Liberal politician and City Mayor. ********* Leonard's Sheffield F.C. 1886-87 season fixture and membership card is in nice condition. It's presented in red cloth on stiff card with gilt decorative titling. It bears his initials and is dated in ink, 2nd October, 1886. The final scores are filled in neat ink next to the appropriate fixtures. There's a relatively light even tanning to the innards, and a few fox spots, with a little rubbing here and there to cloth, but it remains a very nice example, and quite possibly a unique survivor. The miniature diary measures 1.75" x 1.5" (4.5cm x 4cm), and comes in a gilt-edged leatherette 'envelope' form. Leonard's ownership signature is in ink to the front inside cover. There are several entries and reminders etc, but much of it is unfilled. It's in nice clean condition, and is housed in a small type-written brown envelope stating: "My Father's Diary, 1891." The four photographs of Leonard each measure around 4" x 2.5" (roughly carte-de-visite size). All are roughly trimmed, with one having the appearance of being cut from a larger cabinet card. The images are all good clear ones nonetheless. All have either his forename or initials inscribed to the rear. (Tried to upload a picture, failed ...) Stunning.