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  1. Do we have any more maps that are out of copyright than can be posted ? I think I'm allowed to ask the question since I bought the job lot; many thanks to those that assisted in stitching together the maps I scanned/ worked on them in any way; no idea where the originals are now.

  2. Small Savers in the Late Victorian Period: Business Data Base of the Sheffield Savings Bank, 1861-1901

    At approximately £71/page, its £850 and 12 pages, I find this a bit steep. Or, rather, I don't find it, been looking for a good while...




  3. The firm of George Sharman GLOSSOP ROAD CHARLES HERBERT HARVEY and ALBERT SAMPSON (Partners) THANK their numerous friends and customers for the kind sympathy shown to them on the sudden decease their esteemed partner, Lawrence Sampson.

    Sheffield Daily Telegraph 25 Apr 1911

    The net gets cast a little wider.