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  1. Confirm 1852  entry Steve; just to add to the general confusion

    1857, Henry Swinscoe, 53 Westbar, beerhouse

    1860, H.S., 53 Westbar, beerhouse

    1879, H.S. 77 Westbar, beerhouse

    1881 George Lawless, 77 Westbar, beer retailer

    all of which is probably more a history of 77 Westbar - makes Collier 1871-1900 er, interesting, to say the least.


  2. Right, well, here's a marvellous find. We already knew that one Jarvis Collier had the Turf Tavern in 1871 (see A-Z) and this article from 1900 suggests Mrs Collier had held a license for 40 years. I don't have access to Ancestry but a couple of good questions for anyone that does = when did Jarvis pass away ?  What was his wife first name and was it her all the way through to 1900, or did it pass to any other Colliers during that time ? etc etc


  3. Thanks for the update Hugh. I'll check my data, if I can't find any proof to the contrary, I'll update the original data. Always willing to be proven wrong with supporting evidence. That was kind of the original plan, Tsavo and me worked on my data for nearly a year then thought "we could carry on like this forever, or post the lot and hope people will understand it's not a work of 100% accuracy, more this is what we think, what do you think ?"


    Now updated to 1851.