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  1. On 07/04/2007 at 00:59, RichardB said:


    Who made the chains that held the candle sticks in the Old Town Hall that used to be outside the Parish Church (Cathedral), approximately where Cole's Corner was please ?

    Gosh, this was more than twelve years ago. Makes for an interesting read through.

  2. Ragg

    1841 1d red-brown plate 34 lettered G.E. on a wrapper addressed to Sheffield being tied by a superb strike of the London Chief Office No 6 in Maltese cross handstamp in black ink, being dated on reverse for JY 27 1843. Razor Manufacturer, home 5 Victoria Street.

  3. Still looking for any details of a pub called the "Coach and Six" located in the High Street region, late 1700's. I know at one time its Rateable value was higher than that of The Angel and The Kings Head, if anyone can find a year and a keeper I can add it to "the list" and I can enjoy a pint and a meat pie and pretend I was there back in the day. Until then I'll be in the Warmhearthstone or Ancient Pine Apple in my imagination.

  4. The problem here is the site registration process was broken by "an upgrade" on 17th March 2015. I have just over 25,000 posts on this site but the breakage caused by the upgrade made me, and other "big hitters" lose the will to live.

    On 4th May 2016 I passed comment that there were 15,007 members. One year on its 15,418 - barely 8 per week; this has everything to do with a lack of content/input - I used to be here everyday, providing content and joining in discussions; now its a rare visit.

    I think SteveHB, Stuart0742, MadAnnie, UkeleleLady, Vox etc etc would be back and contributing on a regular basis if the user registration process was working; until then ... its a sorry state.