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  1. Gosh, this was more than twelve years ago. Makes for an interesting read through.
  2. I seem to remember a former "Buffer girl" serving in the late 1970's. Lot of tattoos, parts of several fingers missing from her previous work. (My first post here for just over 2 years - Welcome back me !!)
  3. Dear Richard

    I am from the Pettitt family lineage and would love to see the photo you have listed of

    Pettitt. L.A.S. Sapper R.E. Derbyshire Courier. Sheffield Independent War Album


    Kind regards




    1. Edmund


      Hi Debbie,

      Richard does not make many visits to the site nowadays. Here is a link to the photo on the PictureSheffield website.  Also attached is a 1941 newspaper - may be the same L.A.S.Pettitt?





  4. Flood, Harrison Available online, sure someone will remind us ...
  5. Year Book and Record 1907
  6. Munifical Affairs I'd read it but not for £40.
  7. 1899 Guide This seller can't be bothered to give details of any sort ...
  8. Wanderer of Switzerland Not sure what 1st is meant to mean, this was published 1892, think the original was 1813 or just before quarter past six.