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  1. Flood, 1st Edition

    Flood, Harrison Available online, sure someone will remind us ...
  2. Cook Book etc
  3. Year Book 1907

    Year Book and Record 1907
  4. Munifical Affairs I'd read it but not for £40.
  5. 1899 Guide This seller can't be bothered to give details of any sort ...
  6. Red Book 1910 and 1915

    Red Book
  7. Wanderer of Switzerland Not sure what 1st is meant to mean, this was published 1892, think the original was 1813 or just before quarter past six.
  8. James Montgomery, 1793
  9. Tour of The Don

    Volume 2
  10. Tour of The Don

    John Holland, 1837
  11. Rio Rita, Empire 1930

    Rio Rita, Empire 1930
  12. Poetical Works Looking for Montgomery and death of Nelson. Apologies if posted before (I've been here 10 years+)
  13. Smallpox 1887-88

    Thank you Edmund; hadn't got around to looking for the document.
  14. John Ragg, letter 1843

    Ragg 1841 1d red-brown plate 34 lettered G.E. on a wrapper addressed to Sheffield being tied by a superb strike of the London Chief Office No 6 in Maltese cross handstamp in black ink, being dated on reverse for JY 27 1843. Razor Manufacturer, home 5 Victoria Street.
  15. Equivalent to sticking approximately £2,200 on a parcel today £5 pair what on earth were they sending ? (These stamps usually occur single, not paired and were almost exclusively used to post bales of tobacco from the Channel Isles into the mainland).