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  1. Does anyone remember the fruit trader shop of Mr A Hull 68 Neville Street Sheffield 3 it was my grandfathers buisness he died in 1965 so these premises was some years between 1939/65. If so has anyone got any photos of this shop please.
  2. Did you know that Birkendale & Birkendale View was supposed to have a preservation Order on it? it used to have its own council within the community of the two roads and ALL the residents who live on Birkendale View with the exception of a few houses on Birkendale has the privalage of owning the Key to the gates that opens up on to the bend at Common side walkey .
  3. Good grief what is your full name Richard? i lived at 50 Birkendale in the huge bungalow with the large white garage that has stands like the rest of those two roads in time. The Smyths, the Bishops, The Moonies all in Birkendale view do you remeMber these just to name a few
  4. Looking for a HEAD Stone in Tinsley Park Cemetry Herbert Petch 5/4/1947 age 64 & wife Ada (Nee Yates) 26/4/1964 approx Sa 23? There are no head stones but both uncles and my father said there was one there once? I know some cemetries are removing headstones to reclaim if relatives cannot be found, does anyone know if this could be the case of my two missing relatives/
  5. i have been in that cemetry today looking for my great grandparent i know is in their but cannot find their grave whilst doing so their are many Firths there i reflected this as Firth became a known name in sheffield steel works and some where related although the man himself is in sheffield cemetry sharrow vale
  6. my parents took many photos of the places they pulled down over the years i will ask what they have got and post it on here .
  7. I notice many sheffield's want to know the whereabouts of Howard Street Pub it was on the corner NOT opposite as some declare from Saint Josephs convent i as a child you to sit outside with my coke whilst my grandparents was inside. However like most of Sheffield BOTH my parents pulled it down as they was Demolition Contractors of that time. They also pulled down the convent at walkey as well as most housing in that surrounding area