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  1. Thats the one I meant, I know the underpass has gone.
  2. Meynell Road School, and I left in 1963'ish. Been a long time and half of it is now gone. Was there all my school life
  3. <p class="author_info"> Yep it rings a bell for me too. I came from wadsley bridge
  4. Thanks for the info Ill go take a look
  5. Oh how I wish I had, and i should have collected autographs too, but I didnt sadly. :(
  6. Hi, I live in Chesterfield but all family come from Sheffield. Slightly interested in family history so is there any group that meets in Sheffield and when. Could someone help?????? Two family names of Ridgeway and Parker. Explain more on the day.
  7. Oh and my all time favorit was Matt Monro, now he was a good singer.
  8. Early 70's i was head Night Porter at the Grosvenor Hotel. We had a lot of the great acts staying there and doing my job I got a lot of free tickets to see these people, lets not forget The Dooleys too. i went every night to see them. Thanks for this thread, brings back a lot of good memories, and one or two acts I want to forget. lol
  9. Thanks for that but I may have misslead you. Im looking for family members
  10. Just to add into the mix, My real fathers name was Charles Gilbert Parker
  11. My name right now is Ray Parker, but I was born Charles Denis Parker and adopted at birth to the name of Raymond John Ridgeway. My main search is for Ridgeway, my father was Vernon Ridgeway and my mums name was Hilda. i was brought up on Doe Royd Crescent, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield. Any info would be greatly apreciated.