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  1. The Moor market is clean and smart but to me it will never be a true market, it's more like a small shopping mall. I loved the videos of the market service corridors, I must have walked them thousands of times in my time there. The thing with the Castle market is most folks only remember the latter days when it was neglected and very run down, but in its day it was a lovely friendly place to shop with lots of choice and bargains to be had. Ah well, no point looking back eh?
  2. A few pics of the Moor Market as it is called, although I will always have a soft spot for Castle Market, this one does have a good selection of stalls rather than the endless clothes and mobile phone shops. Give it a go, it's not bad!
  3. We took this photo of the Roebuck Tavern today, It's looking quite dwarfed now!
  4. Lower ground floor, Castle Bakery, stall 174, telephone 29728 What stuff we remember!! Now that we have a floor plan, what about trying to put names to the stalls? I'll have a think anyway and see what I come up with.
  5. Oooops, they seem to have joined together.
  6. A couple of photos of Castle Market, I don't know if they've already been posted as we have quite a few pics now, but anyway here goes.
  7. Thank you, not had a proper look at it all yet, still working my way through it but up to now it's brilliant.
  8. Rag 'n Tag and playing in bombed out buildings. Yes, I know that's two things but that's exactly what Sheffield means to me.
  9. The only smell I remember is the awful one of hops floating up from Whitbreads brewery, yuck, that was a smell. I never thought the fish market was particularly bad though but I didn't much like the huge crab boiler, now I couldn't have done that job for any money.
  10. Obviously I'm a bit biased but the Castle Market every time. The whole layout of the building with the shops on the outside and the gallery upstairs made it all more interesting for me. I thought the Sheaf Market was a bit too boxy and square (if you know what I mean). Unfriendly, never, in fact when I first started work there as a young 'un I thought the lads in the fish market were a little too friendly! Seriously though, all the stall holders had time for a bit of banter, which I didn't notice when shopping in the Sheaf. As I said before, I am biased and thought it was a great place to work and shop, and it saddens me to think what it has come to now, shabby and run down. Saying that, I always call in when I'm in Sheffield just to check how many more stalls are empty, and how many of the old names I remember.
  11. Merry Christmas all and a happy and healthy 2013 lol
  12. Like the film Steve. Very interesting, thank you.
  13. Not posted for a while and just seen this,so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathy. x