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  1. Old House on Crookesmoor Road

    We used to play in there as kids in the early '60s, too, docmel. It was the only really 'wild' place for miles around. I remember there was an old overgrown vegetable garden in there and it had fantastic rhubarb still growing, which I used to take home for my mum to make pies with. I lived round the corner on Bower Road and went to cubs and then scouts in the Unitarian Church opposite this corner. Happy days!
  2. Crookesmoor School

    I went to Crookesmoor Junior School in the late 50's and start of the '60s. I remember many of the teachers already mentioned. Mrs Copley was my class teacher for one year. My mother, Mrs Russell, also taught there—which was the reason I went. I also recall the trip to Elsacar with the school choir, and the joy of winning. Mr Oakes was very proud of that choir! Mention of running around the underground playground strikes a chord—I ran headlong into one of the brick pillars and knocked myself out. I didn't remember anything for the rest of the day. My best friend there was John Willis. If anyone remembers me, you have my best wishes. I have some class and choir pictures somewhere. I'll try to find and post one.
  3. What sweets did you buy in Sheffield when you were a kid?

    Black Jacks; Fruit Salads—all 4 a penny (1d that is). Sherbet Saucers, Jubblys [spelling?]; Sweet Cigarettes; Sherbet Dips (with a liquorice 'stick' in the centre). Bootlaces. Catherine Wheels with the liquorice coil round Basset coated jelly in the middle. Dolly Mixture. Lemon Drops. Penny Arrow Bars. Chiclets; Fizzers; Parma Violets. These are all imprinted on my memory, even the taste and smell. Having said that I didn't really eat that many in total. No more than a few pence worth a week.
  4. Orchard Place

    I remember in the late '50s, travelling on the 95 tram from Commonside down to West Street (cost 1d child's fare) to pick up cod liver oil and orange juice for my younger sisters from the Orchard Place clinic.
  5. Joseph Turner & Co

    Many thanks for the exhaustive info, RLongden. I hadn't realised the site of the Northern Tool Works still existed. I looked down John Street from the London Road end and everything seemed to be demolished. I must take a look next time I'm in Sheffield. I'll take this opportunity to post images of some of products that came out of this works; the photos being gleaned from my visit to Sheffield Library last November.
  6. Joseph Turner & Co

    You're right; it doesn't help :-)
  7. Joseph Turner & Co

    Many thanks to everyone who has replied. While visiting Sheffield last year, I went to the Central Library to find out more about Joseph Turner. It was a very productive visit. Perhaps the most interesting find was this line drawing of the Northern Tool Works on John Street. The site is now a block of flats. I include a Victorian map which shows the site in context. Note that the line drawing tends to exaggerate the size and scale of the works—though 70+ people worked there. Again, if anyone knows any more, I'd be grateful for knowledge of it.
  8. Joseph Turner & Co

    I have a card that is printed with the words... Joseph Turner & Co, Late Sorby & Turner Mark I. Sorby Manufacturers of Edge Tools, Sheep Shears, Augers, Joiners Tools &c Castle Hill Sheffield Underneath this my elderly mother wrote in ink "Later of John Street, SHEFFIELD" (these same hand-written words were also written on the back by my great aunt, Muriel Englert, the grand daughter of Joseph Turner). Joseph Turner, was my great, great, great, grandfather, and was born in aound 1810 in Eckington, Derbshire. He died 26/03/1895. I believe at one time his factory employed about 50 people. I'm interested in locating any of the edge tools he made. That and any other information gratefully received. I've attached an image of the card.