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  1. Do you recognise this Netherthorpe scene from 1965?

    Yes, we used to play football on the tip—though I remember large patches of it seemed to be gravel rather than grass.
  2. Do you recognise this Netherthorpe scene from 1965?

    I'm pretty sure that's Crookesmoor School in the background. Looking at the van I might well have been attending there at the time this picture was taken.
  3. Anyone Remember Gloops?

    I, too was a member in the early '50s. I had forgotten what the badge looked like but when I saw the image 'up thread', it all came back to me.
  4. What do we know about this part of town?

    The reason the roof and top story are a very different colour ('incongruous') is because the planners require the later addition to be visually separate from the original listed façade. The idea is there should be no confusion about the building's history, which could occur if the architect tried to 'blend in' the new addition.
  5. Crookesmoor Road Shops.

    I went to Cubs in that Unitarian Church for three or for years. I can still remember the smell of dust and damp in the building.
  6. When was this built and when did it close?

    Where was it exactly? I left Sheffield in 1970 and I can't place it. Maybe because I never saw it from that angle.
  7. Old Sheffield dishes

    I think you mean 'hash'—but then my schoolmates always told me I spoke posh. I always used to like plum duff, but I haven't had it since about 1968 when I left home.
  8. Sheffield Made

    I was a Boy Scout in Sheffield (Crookes) between 1961 and 1965 and bought a myself a knife around 1963 which was identical to that one in every way. I used to wear it in a sheath on my belt as I walked around dressed in my scout uniform. It disappeared around the time I left home, so seeing that image brings back strong memories. I doubt scouts would get away with wearing that today :-)
  9. Swimming Baths - Can you guess where this is?

    I learnt to swim in Upperthorpe Baths in the '50s.
  10. Sheffield 1939

    Anywhere up a hill was affluent. The further down the hills you lived the poorer you were—as a rule of thumb.
  11. Where was this?

    I remember that entrance to the market at the bottom of Commercial Street really well. I have an image in my head of an old chap, clearly an old soldier damaged by the First World War, who used to lie on the pavement under the window of that tobacconists in the early '50s. I must have been four or five at the time but it clearly left an imprint on my mind. Does anyone know more?
  12. Pedestrians and Traffic 1950

    Sound was recorded separate from the camera in those days, by a second person armed with a tape recorder. The footage looks un-edited (the frame jumps in a characteristic way at cuts), so I'm guessing it was recorded by a single cameraman armed with just a mute 16mm Bolex or similar, on a tripod.
  13. Does anyone know what these are?

    Aha! Then it must be to emboss the caps?
  14. Does anyone know what these are?

    Were they the interchangeable parts of moulds used in the glass blowing process when they made milk bottles for various companies? Specifically, was this the base mould?
  15. The Good Old Days

    Hi Tozzin [I didn't hit 'reply' as it would have repeated your long list of executions.] To avoid any confusion; I did not use the word 'spoof' myself. The hanging referred to in the poster/leaflet was indeed a real event. The point I was making is that it was not an official announcement, rather it was a satirical notice produced by the abolitionist movement about a real event. It highlighted the inhumanity and hypocrisy of hanging the 17-year-old girl. Cheers.