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  1. Frank Mottershaw holds an honored place in cinematic history since the "dynamic" editing used in "A Daring Daylight Robbery" was the inspiration for later films including "The Great Train Robbery" dir Edwin S. Porter His family continued making films including http://www.yfaonline.com/assetDetails.cfm?film=1969&keyword=&sortby=&decade=24&by=decade&start=11&fromSearchValue=fromBrowseBy Yorkshire Film Archive ..... "Driving with Clare" .. double click on the above to view The family is is still in business with the Great Grandson (I think) still working as a photographer in Grindleford Frank Mottershaw is referred to in the a website ref for R. W . Paul see below http://www.screenonline.org.uk/people/id/449512/ for ref: "A Daring Daylight Robbery" was mostly filmed at the location of "The Prince of Wales" public house at the junction of Ecclesall Road South and Carter Knowle Rd however it is not the same building that is there now (The original building I believe was destroyed by fire in 1928) "A Daring Daylight Robbery" is still available to buy from BFI on a "Pioneers of Silent Cinema" DVD - I have heard it said that it took inspiration from the story of Charlie Peace a former resident of Banner Cross who was a burglar by profession who went on to commit his famous evil murder near "The Banner Cross Hotel" but of course he is another intriguing story...... I have seen "An Eccentric Burglary" which was also filmed in the area including Psatler Lane (by where the old Jet petrol station was) .... this film is famous for its "special effects" ie film run backwards and 'before and after' effects Also interestingly the "The Prince of Wales" is adjacent to "Henry Boot Ltd" which in its early history had a director who was responsible for funding the creation of the "Rank Studios" in the 40's? /50's