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  1. Thanks for this bonnie! Arthur and Annie were my great-grandparents. I did not have burial dates for either and only family word of mouth as to burial site. Did you find this on an index somewhere? Clive Ledger
  2. Hi Ashley, Charles Osguthorpe (1830-1873) is my 2x great-grandfather. I am related to him via his son Arthur (1866-1832). I don't have much on Frank, other than his birth c 1867 and marriage to Mary Ann Chadburn in 1889. I have Florence, Frank, Joseph, and Annie as his children. Regards, Clive Ledger
  3. Thanks very much for all the information. Some I had, but others I was unaware of (e.g. Williams death, the banking records re SANDERSON, and the existence of the Burgess Rolls). Believe Charles is the son of the above mentioned John OSGUTHORPE. Will do a bit of fact checking and post more. Apologies for delay in replying. -Clive
  4. My Osguthorpe (sometimes Osgathorpe, among other variations) hail from Sheffield, and would be interested in hearing from others who may be tracing their Sheffield Osguthorpes. Great-grandad Arthur Osguthorpe (1866-1932) was a time keeper/clerk at John Brown's (steelworks?). During WW1, he was a sergeant in the KOYLI training recruits (he had previously served in the regiment). The family lived at 193 Langsett Road and later at 20 Hawthorn Road. He is reportedly buried in "Wadsley cemetery". Of his children: - daughter Nora (1908-1995) married Henry HIGH, a bricklayer/builder, and had a son John in 1930. - daughter Hettie (1898-1948) married Bernard GLOSSOP (1896-1974), a saw smith, and had a son, John in 1925. - son Albert (1896-1969) married Martha Bradburn (1899-1951) and had a son Arthur (1926) and Nora (1927) - daughter Jessie (1894-1975) was a dancing instructor - daughter Mary (1890-1930) married John SWAIN and had several children and moved to Scotland. - daughter Mary married Henry HOWARD in 1919 and moved to Australia My 2x great grandad Charles Osguthorpe (1830-1873) was a spring knife cutler who lived on Duke Lane and Rockingham Street/Lane. He married Ellen Biggin in 1849 and is buried in the General Cemetery. - Clive