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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for all the information! After more digging around, I'm thinking that the 'winners medal' that Tommy had was maybe from Wednesday Reserves 1-0 victory over Royston in the 1902 Sheffield & Hallamshire Senior Cup Final? They won it again the following year 5-0 over Roundel. Over on one of the Everton websites they have a complete Wednesday matchday programme online from the day on which my Great Grandfather made his home debut (March 30, 1901) against Everton. His name isn't listed on the first team line up, which makes me think that maybe he was one of the substitutes or perhaps he played for the Wednesday Reserves before the main game? Did they have subs in those days? The player Matt Moralee matches the name on the 1901 census, I re-checked and it's definitely him, it's just the way his name has been scrawled on the census form! They both lived in the same street 3 doors apart! It was great to hear that Tommy was listed as a 'rare talent' in the reserve team along with Matt, but that just makes me wonder if he didn't make it at Wednesday, where on earth did he move to afterwards if he did stay in the game? So many variables! Anyway Paul, thanking you again so much for your help and if you ever come across anything bearing the Fish name, please let me know! Regards Ken
  2. Hi everyone, I'm writing here to see if there is anyone out there who can help me get any info' and/or photographs of my Great Grandfather's playing days with Wednesday or point me to where I could find out. His name was Thomas Fish and I believe he would have been aged in his early 20's. I've discovered that he was at the club for two seasons 1900-1901 & 1901-1902 and made 8 first team appearances, one of them in an FA Cup tie against Sunderland. I also found an old reserves programme (No. 37) on the internet where Wednesday are playing Hinckley (April 25th, 1902) at Owlerton on which his name is listed as playing at right half back. The other interesting thing about this programme is that it lists a player called 'Morales' playing alongside Tommy at Centre Half Back. On the 1901 census which I tracked down, which has Tommy's family listed, there is also a Matthew Morales, age 22, profession - Professional Footballer! Sadly, many, many years ago, my side of the family (the Greenwell's) slowly lost touch with my fathers, mothers side of the family which was magnified by eventually emigrating to live in Australia. I remember being told a story that he played football for Wednesday a long time ago and that he had winners meddles or something of the sort from his playing days of which now I'm not so sure about as Wednesday started their great run just after he left... Which then leads to the other question, did he go to another club or did he finish playing? Any information or photos would be so very greatly appreciated as I've been charged with putting the family tree together! Kindest Regards Ken Greenwell