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  1. Here he is with Geoffrey Ost........ I always wondered what the *L* stood for. All the references I have previously come across have never said what that initial stood for!! I used to wonder what it might be........... lol
  2. That's a nice story. I've made something of a study in my recent years, of his British career back in the Fifties and Sixties and your experience seems to be consistent with most accounts of him. I'm actually a trifle baffled that he often gets tagged as being unfriendly. I loved that drawing you scanned in above! My website (mentioned above) was unfortunately destroyed by the abandonement by Orange of my platform but I have been placing facsimiles of my pages on flickr, here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29487363@N02/...57606700675506/ (I haven't got the energy to create yet another website............ )
  3. :) Much of the material on my sites may not be of great interest to Sheffielders per se; but the first two or three pages of this one: http://theatrical-mcgoohan.mysite.orange.co.uk/ and this one: http://library-mcgoohan.mysite.orange.co.uk/ are primarily about Patrick McGoohan's career at the Sheffield Playhouse that stood in Townhead Street until about 1970. They include image-scans of the theatre itself, programmes and players. I have two books about the Playhouse, one from 1959 and one from 1969 and would be happy to check any facts should anyone have an enquiry. I also have a couple of programmes from pre-war that I chanced upon (1936). I'm also quite keen to know a bit more about Geoffrey Ost who ran the Playhouse from 1937 until it closed down, although he remained an advisor to the new Crucible management. I have also taken the liberty of starting a wikipedia entry for the Sheffield Repertory Company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_repertory_theatre and naturally that is open to anyone to expand/correct. If anyone has any snippets or anecdotes they would like to discuss, my e-mail is: moor_larkin@yahoo.co.uk
  4. You'll find a lot about his early days in theatre in Sheffield at my site. http://theatrical-mcgoohan.mysite.orange.co.uk/ If anyone has any anecdotes, especially from anyone that can recall him actually performing, or was told stories by their parents/grand-parents about those days of the Playhouse, I'd be fascinated to hear them. Also, Geoffrey Ost, the man who made the Playhouse what it was, for the generations either side of WWII. I have a copy of the 1959 book about the Playhouse and if anyone wants an old name checked out: it has full lists of all the players to that year's date. :)
  5. If you go here: http://library-mcgoohan.mysite.orange.co.uk/page1.html and scroll down to the bottom image. It is a Xmas play programme from the old Playhouse at Sheffield. Amongst the cast list you can see the name Angela Palin. I'm guseeing this may well have been Michael's older sister. She would have been about 17 at that time. edit 17/3/2009 My website died a while back. The image is here now: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29487363@N02/...57607246175811/
  6. That's great. Thankyou. I have a small site which includes some pictures of the Playhouse exterior and interior in 1945, and the outside from about 1960. The 1960 picture shows little change from yours in 1970! http://www.flickr.com/photos/29487363@N02/...57606700675506/