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  1. Hi all Have been spending some of the Christmas break sorting out photos and I came across this one that I took at Whitley Hall a few years ago. It's a framed menu from The Victoria Cafe on Fargate dated 02/03/1937. I think I'll give the Turtle Consomme a miss :blink:
  2. I don't know if this will be the same place as others have mentioned but I remember (it would be the late 70's) going to see Santa, at I presume a Department Store, with my Mum where you got on a sleigh and there was the illusion of it moving through a tunnel or similar? I think the tunnel actually rotated around you to give the impression of movement, but I remember being entranced by it all the same. After a while you then got to meet Santa and received a present. I got a jigsaw that I still remember being particularly unhappy about! he he
  3. Thanks Richard and Dean, it was worth a shot. Thank you for the welcome too, is it a record having my first post FOUR years after joining?! :-D I had a quick look through the roll of honour and didn't see my Grandad's name, can I supply it to have it added?
  4. My Grandad (who was a Sheffield resident) enlisted at Sheffield on 13/06/1940 and joined the West Yorkshire Regiment. I have his Army Service Records but they don't say where in Sheffield he joined up, does anyone have any idea on where he might actually have enlisted?