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  1. Pubs used to have a beer off that if you were old enough you could get beer & fags without going into the public bar
  2. Can you figure out where this smiley face is.
  3. Now I have time on my hands I have started looking up after spending years not seeing anything and it is unbelievable what you see when you "open your eyes"
  4. A nice bit of brickwork by the bricklayer at the broad field pub.
  5. This is so true when people only got a council because they earned enough money to pay the rent they looked after their homes doing minor repairs. Now the difference is you get a council house if you don't work and have children and you don't need to bother about the rent because you get it paid for you.
  6. Thanks for that, it looks like it was built for something a bit more than a drapers I can't find anything before 1960 but it's obviously 1930 I'll keep searching thanks again
  7. Does anyone know anything about this building, its on Stanley Street in the Wicker.
  8. Lots of names you will know in Ecclesall cemetery, have a wander round the general cemetery if your from Sheffield you'll know lots of them and Attercliffe hill top where you'll find Benjamin Huntsman and just up the road when it's open is Zion lane cemetery which should interest you. Let us know who you find good luck.
  9. Just been to Attercliffe looking for this cemetery eventually found it but it was locked when is it open?
  10. They are milk checks I've no idea why the called them that, does anyone know why ?
  11. Tiny babies were often buried in a coffin which already had one occupant that way the family did not have to pay for a funeral this used to be common practise
  12. Still on Haymarket what was this building ?