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  1. The other corner was No.2 Fell Street (also known as 494 Brightside Lane) - Compulsory Purchase Order No 249 was published in March 1938: The Indexers show the shop as being occupied by John Coggin in 1905 and Elizabeth Troop in 1925. However trhe 1939 census shows the property as no longer a shop, and occupied by the Wills family (Slinger - Armaments, Filemaker)
  2. Here's an extract from the Bombs map - there would not have been much in the way of protection for the pub from the bomb that fell on the railway lines. Possibly it stood derelict until it was demolished by 1948/9?
  3. Here's a photo taken in 1949 - the New Inn appears to be demolished (from Britain from Above photo ref EAW026021) The OS map revised in 1937 shows the New Inn still standing:
  4. Edmund

    Watch shops

    Did you buy it off a bloke in a pub? - The Pleasance family had several premises in Sheffield between 1900 and 1930 - including 76 Pinstone Street, 56 Fargate and 60 Fargate. Charles Ross Pleasance was the first, originally from Birmingham then Bristol, followed into the business by his son Ernest Saville Pleasance and then grandson Vincent Ross Pleasance. Pleasance and Son were liquidated in 1932.
  5. Edmund

    Painted Advertisements

    Excitement there in 1929:
  6. This is a recommendation for a book available from Amazon (£8 well spent) - an edited and updated version (with corrections and new information and pictures) of James Hayton Stainton's "Past Chapters in Sheffield History". It was originally published in 1918 for the benefit of prisoners of war. It's very good on old street layouts and especially the background to the High Street widening. There is a "Look Inside" feature on the Amazon site that allows skinflints to read some of its pages: Past Chapters in Sheffield History - Amazon Link
  7. I think you mean Wensley Street. Link to photos: http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?searchterms=&action=search&keywords=Keywords%3BMATCHES%3B(^|+%2B)Wensley_Street(%24|+%2B)%3B To get the number of their house, try ringing or emailing the Sheffield Archives on Shoreham Street, and ask them if they'll look it up in the Rates Book for 1953/4 Here's the OS map 1954 map: Possibly an elder brother?: WRIGHT, Michael George (of S6 134 Newman Rd, born 1948-05-26). Baptised June 20, 1948, by J Lyth at St Thomas, Wincobank. Parents name(s) are Marjorie & George (General Maker)
  8. Edmund

    The Yorkshire Grey Pub

    An alternate idea:
  9. Have a look at Picture Sheffield - these photos include one of the interior of number 75 Carwood Road, next door to 73 where Charles and Alice were living at the time of their marriage in 1893. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?searchterms=&action=search&keywords=Keywords%3BMATCHES%3B(^|+%2B)Carwood_Road(%24|+%2B)%3B Their Banns and marriage details are below: Alice's father Henry lived at 73 Carwood Road until his death in 1901: Charles' father John Butler Parkes was living at 2 Little London Lane/Road, Heeley, Sheffield in 1891: Below are Charles' Army Records:
  10. Charles doesn't seem to have spent much of his life around Sheffield. Here is his entry on the 1901 cenus (living at Bingley) Here is the summary of his probate You should be able to obtain a copy of the full will via the website: https://probatesearch.service.gov.uk/Calendar?surname=parkes&yearOfDeath=1906#calendar
  11. Edmund

    Page Hall Mission school

    In the early 1900s there was a newspaper letters column debate about the name (1 attached below - J.Beckingham Burt was the minister). There was also disagreement towards the ecclesiastical developments there - it was an Evangelical building but was tending towards Roman Catholic ways. The mission room was built mainly using the contribution left by a lady of Evangelical views, who was in the congregation of Christ Church, Pitsmoor.
  12. Edmund

    Page Hall Mission school

    Hi Lynn, The parent church was also known (at the same time) as Holy Cross Mission (depending on various factors) and was on Page Hall Road. I've not been able to pinpoint it or find much else though.
  13. To the right hand side of the photo - Harold Coates (Florist) Limited was still trading as the door is open and flowers are on display. They went into liquidation on 28th November 1969, so the picture must have been taken no later than 1969.
  14. Have you considered that it may have been be a base for something to be fixed to, rather than covering a void? For example a statue, or weather station or other equipment.
  15. Here are copies of the documents - 1911 census and Whites Directory