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  1. Edmund

    Mystery building

    Here's a map from 1890 showing the position of the building - but I'm not sure whether it was actually built by then. Google shows it still there the last time they drove past (last July)
  2. I wonder what actually happened here?
  3. The military records are on Find My Past. Sheffield Archives may also be able to help. I've looked on picturesheffield.com and not found a photo of him, though there are pictures of Cavendish street and the Cardboard Box Company, including an internal view of Cornelius Lea's workshop.
  4. Some newspaper cuttings below. His bankrupcy dragged on from 1912 until terminated by his death. He was invalidated out of the army in July 1918 having caught TB - his army records are available, please advise if you don't already have them (there are several pages).
  5. In 1939 Eliza Robinson, born 26 December 1862, was a retired Mental Officer living at 2 Shepperson Road, with Sarah E Robinson (born 1858 probably her sister). Probably a different "E.Robinson" from the owner (male) of the Wharncliffe hospital, quoted by Trefcon, though Eliza did work there in 1917 (and was commended for good work).
  6. Edmund

    Will Hay

    Here you go:
  7. Edmund

    Walter Ellis, Publican - killed by a tram

    My presumption is that by the 1950's there was little point in referring to a single premises as "76 and 78" as it was by then unlikely that they would be separated into two again.
  8. Edmund

    Walter Ellis, Publican - killed by a tram

    A map (early 1950's) showing where the Dolphin beerhouse was (corner of Summer street and Mushroom Lane)
  9. Edmund

    Nickel Blanks Buildings

    Here's Smithfield just after WW2 - not a lot left after the Blitz
  10. Edmund

    Walter Ellis, Publican - killed by a tram

    The licence for the Dolphin beerhouse, Summer street changed hands in 1915 (see 2/3 of way down on the attached) Charles Brearley to Arthur Ellis.
  11. Edmund

    Walter Ellis, Publican - killed by a tram

    Some newspaper cuttings giving details of Walter's accident, though seems not to have been at Owlerton He didn't leave a will:
  12. I couldn't find any photographs, but found records for 2 Arthur Beaumonts - one born 1883 and one born 1886 (who appears to have bought himself out very quickly after joinging):
  13. Edmund

    Bertha Edley

    In September 1927 Thomas Ernest Middleton of 2 Popple Street Pitsmoor collided with a car at Scarborough whilst riding his motorcycle, and was hospitalised. In September 1931 Bertha and Thomas' Garden won a 1st prize in the Brighter Sheffield competition, and also won the Lockwood cup for his front garden in October of that year. In 1932 Thomas advertised that he provided garden services and in September won the Atkin Brothers cup for the best front garden (Brighter Sheffield competition) Following Thomas' death due to illness in 1934, Bertha MAY have married George L Trimm in quarter 1 1936 OR more likely in my opinion due to the date of birth, she may have remained unmarried and was the Bertha Middleton born 1st August 1894 died in quarter 3 1974. I can't see her on the 1939 census. It may need sight of marriage or death certificates to prove it