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  1. Edmund

    Hartshead Square

    I would suggest a starting point of Robert Eadon Leader's two books "Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century" and "Reminiscences of Old Sheffield", both of which are available free as Google ebooks. The index of these books show there are quite a few mentions:
  2. Edmund

    Dales chip shop Sharrow Vale Rd

    Pete Hill is a Sheffield based professional photographer. From his website ( http://www.petehillstock.co.uk/ ) "For my 15th birthday I was taken for my first proper burger at Uncle Sam's, then across Ecclesall Road in Sheffield to buy it at the Susan Wilding camera shop. I was later to return there for my first job as the Saturday Lad." You can't get much more local to Sharrow Vale Road than that! His archives are well worth a browse.
  3. Edmund

    Mystery Location Postcard on Ebay.

    Looking at this photo (Britain from above) the gable end doesn't look tall enough for three storeys
  4. Edmund

    Mystery Location Postcard on Ebay.

    My suggestion would be somewhere on Whitehouse Lane. Crapper's base at 47 Langsett Road backed onto Whitehouse Lane, and PictureSheffield have a photo showing similar housing (3 stories, shutters on the windows) Picturesheffield-Whitehouse Lane
  5. Edmund

    Universe Works Mary Street

    Newspaper reports are courtesy of a (paid for) Findmypast account. The London Gazette is free to search. Lots of time to waste is due to retirement!
  6. Edmund

    Universe Works Mary Street

    From about 1912, David and Tom Gilpin, trading as Osborne and Company, Abbey Works, 128 Rockingham Street, used the 'Abbey' trademark. In 1939 the Tom Gilpin company was registered. The Smith Seymour company was wound up in 1981.
  7. Edmund

    Dales chip shop Sharrow Vale Rd

    Billy Dale who ran the shop was a club turn I believe. Here's a photo showing both the chip shops (from https://petehill.zenfolio.com/sheffieldold
  8. Endcliffe Motors in 1975 were on the corner of Bramall Lane and John Street. The old brewery premises they occupied was the Britannia Brewery, not the Old Albion (Wards). In 1972 the premises were the Hillsborough Garage and Motor Company. The old Hillsborough Garage premises next to the Barracks on Langsett Road were sitting empty in 1972. Endcliffe Motors (Ecclesall Road) were wound up in 1969: By 1975 they were based at Bramall Lane and the subject of a winding up order: They were still in the hands of the liquidator in 1980: Here are two BMW dealer adverts - they show that the premises on Bramall Lane changed from Hillsborough Garage and Motor Co to Endcliffe Motors during the first few months of 1972: Here's a photo of the Hillsborough Garage and Motor Company on Bramall Lane in 1972 - they were a Jensen agent according to their signage.
  9. Here's a photo from picturesheffield.com. Endcliffe Motors, 495 Ecclesall Road, taken on 3rd August 1965. Though no Jensens in sight.
  10. Edmund

    Attercliffe Hall

    According to the above article the original building was largely pulled down in 1868. However a building on the site was still called Attercliffe Hall. In 1878 "Attercliffe Hall" was a club for working men - with a bar - the steward was Mr Milner, presumably of the Milners who had previously resided there. In February 1879 part of the hall was advertised for rent: four low rooms, four bedrooms, W.C., stable and coach-house. Gamalial Milner occuped Attercliffe House or Hall - on Attercliffe Green Road, changed to Lord Street, now Leeds Road
  11. Edmund

    Sheffield HIGTON Men in World War 1

    Image below is from "Photographs from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph 1914-1917 vol. 3" (Sheffield Local Studies Library ref 940.43 SSTQ) and the newspaper notice of his death:
  12. Edmund

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    And in 2017 via Google:
  13. Edmund

    Sheffield HIGTON Men in World War 1

    Albert only so far: