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  1. Electric beer dispensing is discussed here https://boakandbailey.com/2018/02/electric-beer-pumps/ Apparently the oversized glass/metered dispense combination was originally introduced to minimise waste/spilled beer from overspill at the 'pulling' stage. Then later when the weights and measures laws were revised they became popular to ensure compliance with the law as you suggest. Also see here http://pubcurmudgeon.blogspot.com/2013/12/a-brief-history-of-electricity.html
  2. These aren't the Sheffield City Giants. They don't look like them, and the Sheffield City Giants weren't built until 1992. There may be some connection between the London Guise and The Sheffield City Giants but it's not obvious.
  3. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s40358&prevUrl= I suspect this shows the train and chair lift, albeit not very clearly
  4. In a couple of the photographs there is a banner visible that says 'London Guise'. I can't find any reference on the internet specifically to 'London' guise but wikipedia has some information about guisers (or mummers as they are also called) here
  5. It gets harder as you try to keep going through the verses!!!! Rolleston, Oh Rolleston I still hear your Meersbrook flowing I still see the John O'Gaunt glowing I was 21, when I left Rolleston or something like that!!!!
  6. Could it be that your father took a more famous poem/song and just substituted 'Monyash' for the correct words i.e. The Road to Mandalay by Rudyard Kipling. I do a similar thing with my 8 year old daughter, I'll sing a famous song and substitute in local places or people i.e. Is this the way to Rivelin Lido (Amarillo). All you need do is make sure the substitution has the same number of syllables and it works a treat (Monyash/Mandalay)
  7. From Facebook Some of you may know who we are(were?), The little scissor factory near the walk in centre, some of you may have even visited us or had a factory tour. However, we have hit terrible times and unfortunately it is time to close our doors, but not before letting you all get some cheap goods! Friday 29th & Saturday 30th June, 10 am - 4 pm. Ernest Wright and Son ltd are holding a liquidation sale. Due to unforeseen and extremely unfortunate circumstances we are going into liquidation. So on the above dates we will be holding a sale. Everything you will see will be up for sale, machinery*, scissors, tables, chairs, cabinets. You see it we'll sell it, of course all items sold as seen with no warranty or guarantee. Find us at 58 Broad Lane, Sheffield, S1 4BT. *Any machinery will not be able to be sold on the day, purchasing can be arranged and you will be guided on the day.
  8. A bubble for the spirit level was a popular one
  9. I seem to remember as a kid in the 70's/80's eating bags of crisps with a novelty item on the back of the packet describing the origins of popular sayings. I'm tempted to say they were Walkers crisps, but I could be wrong? Also, I can't remember any of the explanations!!!!!
  10. My mum had a yellow plastic 'egg timer' shaped device where the bottom half sat over the neck of the empty milk bottle and the milk checks were held in the top half. This saved the hassle of milkmen having to retrieve milk checks out of the bottles.
  11. Dripping cakes - blummin' delicious things!!! You can feel your arteries hardening as you eat them. I get my fix from Emma's Deli at Stannington served on Lilly's (bakers on Penistone Road) breadcakes.
  12. Picture Sheffield has a map from 1873 that still shows Dam Lane. It then has a map from 1883 that shows 'Dam Lane' as Northumberland Road
  13. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-blitz-memorial-trail-to-honour-victims-1-3959562 Reveals the answer