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  1. Now able to add the photo I mentioned.
  2. I was there also 1954 to 1959. Other teachers I remember are: Miss Smith - Geography Mr Jenson - Art (my first form teacher) Mr Tyson - Science I must learn how to post photo's as I have school class photo from 1958.
  3. Thank you for the link SH, more memories flooding back
  4. Poppychristina, remind me where was the Heartbeat? The Pennyfarthing was the place to go after the pubs had closed, I seem to remember there was always a queue to get in as midnight approached. A mass exadus at 2.00am when it closed, and most then drove home.
  5. I have not seen any discussion on the Penny Farthing Night Club it was just off Furnival Gate it must have been one of the first night clubs to open in the city I was a regular visitor back in the 1960's. Any other memories of it out there.