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  1. The field opposite wasn't always flat. Our footy team West Street Utd were in the Nomads league and we played St Anns on that field. The field sloped quite a lot but the crossbar was horizontal. The goal was 8 foot high at one side but about 10 foot at the other, the post and nets just dangling in mid air.
  2. Looks like a key stone from a bridge.
  3. I've just looked at the photos and read the text and it says the cellars of the houses on Townend St adjacent to the Griffin had long cellars and were blocked off in the 60's. I used to ride cycle speedway on the track adjacent to the White Bear and the cellars were still there in the 70's albeit blocked off half way along. We got big crowds and if it rained, people would hide in the cellars. So did we with our bikes. I reckon the ends were filled in because the road above was a bus route.
  4. I lived in Grenoside for 30 years, a mere hundred yards away from the place mentioned. Turn off Wheel Lane and go down Middleton Lane until you get to a block of cottages on the right just before you join Cinderhill Lane. The spring is in the land belonging to the first cottage. However, there is a well actually underneath one of the cottages, it is still there, I am reliably informed and was a quite a stumbling block when it went for sale. There were originally 5 dwellings, maybe 7 at one time, my mate used to live in one of the middle ones, it was 2 up 2 down. The overflow from the spring flowed into the fields below via a bog which we played in and was joined by drain/flood water from higher up the village via a pipe which emerged about 20 foot below the spring. We used to play in the stream and catch freshwater shrimps from beautiful green streamer weed, both which can only live in extremely clean water. The bottom was clear red shale, adjacent was a mill pond complete with sluice, sadly very overgrown now, which I think supplied a nailmakers and contained carp obviously for eating. Families I know who lived in the cottages were May's and Hootons. Hope this helps.
  5. The only one I knew was at the bottom of Rock Street. Whether we'd been to Steely's, Faces or the Limit, we always staggered down there for cheggburger until I threw it all up and felt really bad for days so I stuck to just a bacon sarnie after that. I've never really liked beef burgers and especially the largely tasteless processed cheese slices, since. Then we staggered back up Corporation St and along West Bar after for a taxi but none would stop for lads 'til about 3-ish when trade was almost dead. It was normally Hillfoot Bridge by the time we got a taxi. Another two miles and we'd have been home in Greno'. I'd get in at about 5 and sometimes me Dad would be up getting ready to go to work. Many times we'd go to 't Foresters (Fireman's) or Wap, then have a Pizza at Papa's, then go to Faces 'cos all our footy team were bouncers there, go upstairs for scampi & chips, get well bladdered and still end up eating some slop at Greasy Vera's. I should be dead by most medical reckoning. It must have been the walk half way home and the football the morning after that kept us fit.
  6. I would say The Gambit on Commercial Street under where Jessops is, was one of the first. They did the best Special Fun Yung in the world.
  7. There was a site near where the Coit school is at Chapeltown. We used to play around in the concrete blocks on the way to Chap baths from Ecclesfield Comprehensive.
  8. Bands that played at the Limit add The VD (Victor Drago) Band and of course, DEVO. D-E-V-O, we are Devo
  9. Great pictures, cheers. When I was a kid I had to go to the Childrens hospital for a check up on my hips every 6 months and my Nan would first take me into either the Gambit or Davies Clock restaurant, then we'd watch a film after we'd visited the hospital. I remember seeing Oh Mr Porter, The Absent Minded Professor, Swiss Family Robinson and Song of the South in which the tar baby scared me witless.....
  10. I only went inside once and that was when all the entrances were bricked up. My mate wanted to get some pigeon eggs and there were a few bricks knocked out of the toilets at the back, so we squeezed through. I was dead scared. It was pitch black but a hole in the roof let enough light in to see a bit of the old cinema. All the seats were missing and the balcony was like a football terrace. There was pigeon pooh everywhere. My mate crawled along the MASSIVE beams to get some eggs. When a couple of dozen pigeons all took off at once I jumped a mile into the air. I was so happy to get out. I was thinking at the time "that is what being dead must be like".....
  11. Sorry to drag this back to the top again, been away for a while... I saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sound of Music and Oliver (I think) in the Odeon. Last time I walked past the top door a fat bouncer was having a *** outside and you could hear 3 and 9 the Siegfried Line booming out from inside...
  12. This is me on the inside riding in an exhibition at Myers Grove school. It was a long time (in school years) after your days mate, it must have been about 1972 ish. Sadly Stradbroke folded and so did the Ecco Jokers but we replaced them as Ecclesfield Kings. I loved the Stradbroke track, the quirky 3rd 4th bend was a real make or breaker. I've been racking my brains and only come up with Dennis Naylor and thats all. Did he go to Australia or something? And did his brother race? Flippin' Gamble's still racing as well and still he's posting cycle speedway results under "a spokesman said"....top stuff
  13. I knew Eric Dixon, the first bloke interviewed in the video. He was a big hitter for Whitley Hall Cricket club, all fours and sixes. Nice man as well.
  14. MONDAY 22ND OCTOBER SHEFFIELD 7.30PM FORMULA ONES PLUS SUPPORT Gates Open at 6.pm with Support Racing for the All action Ministox from 7 pm and the chaos and mayhem of Rooki Banger Banger Racing. F1's roar onto track with the main programme starting at 7.30.pm. And a gigantic firework display to end the night. SPECIAL ADMISSION PRICES: ADVANCE TICKETS NOT NECESSARY Adults £13 Child £5 Under 5's FREE - FAMILY 2+2 £30 KIDS ADMITTED FREE IN HALLOWEEN COSTUME AND PRIZES GIVEN GROUP DISCOUNTS FOR SCHOOLS, SCOUT GROUPS ETC AVAILABLE - Contact steven@startrax.info for details.
  15. Has anyone got a photo of the Guinness clock erected during the 1966 World Cup
  16. We lived just off the Common on Linden Road, just up from where the two streams converge on the opposite side of the road to the little square. I wonder what they were?
  17. Was that the little shop on the left (heading out of the city) on South Road at the bottom of Fulton Road? Pete's Chippy at Grenoside was legendary...well in Grenoside at least, (World Famous in Grenoside). It was 2d for a big bag of scraps, but in later years became talked of as selling the smallest fish on the planet. Good, but small. Unfortunately he had a heart attack and confined himself to 2 days opening a week.
  18. The photo of Clock Tower Hill flatters to deceive, it's so steep. It gets steeper the further up you get especially on the Nanny Hill part...phew. Knackered just thinking about it.
  19. I thought, hold on where is Noddy Holder....a real bit of history Ah Myrtle bought me the best of Slade yesterday from a second hand shop for 30p and we actually listened to it. Coming from Holland she'd never heard them but knew I was a fan in the days of StaPrest, platforms and JayTex jumpers. One of the photos from Wincobank could have been the view from our house if we had bought it up there on Sandstone Road.
  20. I always remember trays full of lime green paper and orange paper. It still intrigues me as I never ever saw anything written or printed on lime green or orange paper, everything was still so conservative in the psychodelic 60's. I remember black paper at school and white crayons. That was the limit of Mansell School's resources I guess.
  21. Yeah, they should remember what the Moor looked like as well. Is it me or were the roads wider? Certainly cleaner. Sheffield has that much clutter on the roads and pavements now, it feels like you're tiptoeing through an antique shop.
  22. You seem a resourceful lot on here, judging by the Hole in the Road photos and subsequent follow ups. I'm on the scrounge actually for any photos of stockcar racing at Owlerton stadium from any era, preferably before the latest 1997 to the present day session. My webpage is called Sheffstox but the history page is pictureless.... I will © credit anyone who sends me photos if I publish them with their permission.
  23. They're still trading in Donny market aren't they?
  24. I once took Country Life- Roxy Music, a Bonzo Dog Doodah Band LP and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and all she could offer me was a Hey Jude LP by the Beatles. I've still got it.