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  1. If you go on Sheffield Forum and look up whitehorses I believe she is. I know 3 people related to Charlie Peace!
  2. Very good, I'm yet to watch this weeks episode of the village but have watched the rest.
  3. Just wondering if your William Downs was related to James Horace Downs born 1895 and also in Tinsley Cemetery and who died 1949?
  4. Hi Chris, So William and Alice didn't marry in Sheffield? According to the records they married in Wansdworth in Surrey in 1936!
  5. Very snowy at Wortley

  6. www.genealogy4you.co.uk

  7. I have already copied and given this information to bullerboy.
  8. Lets hope all those celebrities and politicians give their money to charity. I don't blame them for standing up for a principle but unlike Sara Paine and others that have lost love ones they don't need the money.

  9. I've just done some research for someone about German Pork Butchers in Sheffield. The family he wa following is Louis Hiller/ Hillier I will send him a link to the thread as he may very well be interested. I found a great story in the British Library Newspapers Archives about him and a robbery. Well he denied it all but that's another story! he he
  10. Got a response from John Simm on Twitter about his play at Crucible in May- Betrayal :)

  11. Happy New Year to all my friends. xx

  12. Off a week now with my bad back and there aren't any signs of it getting better:(

  13. Had crippling backache for days now:(

  14. Looking forward to her Christmas meal tonight.

  15. has finally got a working printer I hope but not holding my breathe