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  1. Been down here with the kids from my work today. Must say it was very exciting to be able to show them what little history we have left in the area. Cannot wait for it to be fully restored, it is already looking great!
  2. Hello, Been to my Nan's today. I always knew her father was a conductor on the old sheffield trams before he was sent to war (first world war). It's very hard to get any information that makes sense or doesn't get cut off half way through with recent news she wants to share. HOWEVER. Today she mentioned something and i was wondering if there was any sites of old stories that might mention little tales from the past. DAISY and DOPPER. Her father - Henry Preece - was apparently "Dopper" and as far as i can make out "Daisy" was his fellow tram worker .... and "Daisy" was actually a bloke. By the sounds of it these nicknames were given by the passengers. There was also a short mention of how the tram conductors would take off their hats and and the passengers would pass it around the tram both downstairs and up and it would make its way back to the conductor with all the fares in ... couldn't do that nowadays could you, i don't think the hat would even make it back to the conductor, nevermind all the money :)
  3. Just to put an end to this thread incase anyone else ever comes across it searching for the same man: Charles Keeton died in the Isle of Man - Ramsey - 22nd August 1967 such a relief to be able to close the book on him. Only wish i could say the same about his wife Doris! She was still alive when he died as she was the informant on the death cert
  4. THIS!! is this a choir or operatic society? I have a picture of these people!!
  5. Also the marriages for Lucy and Emily Tinker would have been nearing the end of the second world war. Emily Keeton is their aunt who married Arthur Carpenter in the first world war the years difference between them is large in comparison with the amount of times they moved so how on earth they ended up "back at collegiate crescent" i cannot understand
  6. thanks. The Keetons are my family members Emily was born a Keeton but i cannot find the dates to match the names that "lived there". Were there any Carpenters ever living there? Or Tinkers? The dates i look for always seem to clash with the Drabble's. For example the Drabble info posted here is at the same time Alice Carpenter was supposed to be living there on the next of kin notice for end of the first world war :/
  7. Hello, I am looking for information on residents of 45 collegiate Crescent, Sheffield So far this property has cropped up for three different family members in my tree research. However as far as i can tell for them other family members swear blind they lived at other addresses at these times. The most recent find was from Arthur Carpenter's WW1 details 1915-1918-sh. His next of kin was down as his mother at the above address The other two were Emily Selby and Lucy Howarth - marriage records and war ID card addresses! Late 1930's early 1940's HOWEVER! When i looked at the directories all i could find were a family called Drabble occupying this house for most of their life. I was wondering if anyone could double check the house history for me in the directories to find out anything that could be a clue to helping me solve this mystery. Regards Sue
  8. i believe he is one of the younger generations. I have found a lead that confirms my mothers suspicion he moved to guernsey in later life. There is a newspaper snippet from the london gazette archives that suggests a Charles Keeton working as a liquidator in Guernsey. However i am not sure how i can go about finding the Guernsey Charles Keeton's birthday and clues to confirm or not if he is the same one i am looking for
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I dont think i have checked a national register for deaths. The free BMD site doesn't seem to have anything about any of the people i've ever searched for. I have seen their charts on what records they have managed to transcribe so far and they are still missing quite alot. I was going to register to become a transcriber but chickened out at the last minute as it looks a little confusing and i wouldn't like to do it wrong and mess it up I've tried searching genes reunited. I've tried ancestry.co.uk. I have also spent the entire morning looking through the Sheffield General Cemetery 290 pages of the first 6000 burials there for any hints of family members that might have had a plot or grave he might have been buried or had his ashes scattered with. Also came across a plaque in burngreave graveyard or something of the like which is dedicated to people who were not buried straight away due to medical research and teaching. Which provided a link to a downloadable document of a list of people who were used. His name was Charles Keeton, Born 1887 in Sheffield, Engineer, last marriage was in 1951 to a doris heaton (possibly Helen Doris Heaton), suspicion that the marriage didn't last long as they fell out, sold Keeton & Sons in 1954 and .... poof disappeared haha I've spent the entirety of this morning whilst searching through the list of burials and family plots on the general cemetery website, grabbing the computer screen, shaking it and yelling why can't you just die like normal people?!! :rolleyes:
  10. is there any reason why i cannot find any record of a death for Charles Keeton, previously mentioned in my other posts?? I searched for my great grandma too thinking if i find her then Charles' second wife must have shot him in marshland never to be found or something. But i cannot find her death either. Have the archives somehow lost a MASSIVE chunk of death records between certain dates in the late 1900's (after the war so cannot be from bombing) or what? I have found my fathers death in 1990 so my theory that maybe there is a 100 year waiting list for them to be made public like the census.
  11. not sure about who albert keeton.is although i know i havent found everyone yet. There were two different Keeton families though so its difficult to not mix them up.
  12. Been down to the archives today. They lived in 212 ecclesall road at some point too along with one on colliegate crescent! By the looks of it the owned the houses and rented them out and then lived in one when it became unoccupied! Madness!
  13. I should probably go down to the sheffield archives but i've just read on the website that its closed until September for a makeover! It does say the stuff is now at the central library but sounds a bit iffy on how much is available to access due to it being temporarily there. I completely chose the wrong time to start searching through my history didnt i? haha :rolleyes:
  14. Just need to know if he sold them from under Ethel's nose. If he did then he's a right cheeky so and so lol
  15. Well i have a feeling Charles Keeton sold 202, 204, 206, 208 in 1946 which were owned by Paul Keeton who died in 1946 and supposedly left them to Ethel his daughter Is there any information on these houses after or on 1946