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  1. Not Angel Street, it's the bottom of Snig Hill. Angel Street is the top half.
  2. How about a giant one of these - http://www.geograph....uk/photo/892582 Failing that, how about a short stretch of road without a pothole in it and you could get to drive on it.
  3. I had two of those and they lasted until digital cameras came out and as far as I know they still work. I also had a Minolta 7000, but it only lasted for a couple of dozen films or so, however, all the lenses work perfectly well with the Sony A390 body I bought.
  4. It's a drawing I did in CorelDraw of a Minolta SRT 101 It's lost a bit in the coversion to bitmap. Thank you, but we've already met on the forum. I'll leave you to look that up ;-)
  5. To view - Open the website, zoom-in, select Large map, press F11 on the keyboard A screenshot of the railway station (click-on the image to enlarge) - NOTE - You can zoom-in very close. There is no satellite view, nor any other. This map has replaced one on the Planning Portal. I think they got fed up with members of the public using it. I don't know how long this will last. Regards, Dave
  6. There is one consolation in a 70 metre rise in sea level - mountains will be 70 metres lower and it won't be so far to get to the seaside.
  7. Hello Thanks for that. Would I be correct in thinking that the information for the 1957 Kelly's and 1957 maps would have been gathered in the previous year? Any idea how to get hold of 1958's, please? Regards, Dave A recent photo of St Thomas, Crookes
  8. Thank you all for an excellent responce. So from 1890 to 1923, it seems that particular site was only partially used. In 1953 it was empty and possibly so in 1956. I started work in Broomhill in 1957, so I may be correct in assuming pre-1957 as the build date, but of course I can't be sure. Looking forward to seeing the results of the 1957 Kelly's. Thanks again. Regards, Dave
  9. After reading this article of mine, https://sites.google.com/site/sheffieldsouthyorkshire/Home someone contacted me about the building known as Vittles, 501 Glossop Road, Broomhill. The building doesn't show in the 1935 Kelly's Directory for Sheffield, (Stops at no.499) but does show in the 1965 Kelly's, so it had to be built between those years. I'm guessing pre-1957, but could be well off the mark. In the 1965 Kelly's it was, Interior Decorations of Broomhill, Ltd. Question is, please, does anyone know when this building was built? Regards, Dave
  10. Ah, Buffers! OK, now I know. He was supposed to be ringing me back 'tother day. Nice to 'see' you again and btw, it's about time you uploaded some of your photos into Geograph.
  11. Hello vox, I'm Dave Hitchborne, as you can see. I've not figured you out yet, but your taste in music is the same as mine. I bought a 12" vinyl LP of Sonny Boy Williamson's from Violet May's many, many years ago and played the track, The Sky Is Crying, over and over again. I gave it away to a dear friend, but have since obtained the CD. I can't guess who you are; you're seven years my junior, so we didn't go to school together. Thanks for the recognition; it's always good to know someone is looking in. I left Crookes, with Babs, for pastures new on 4th January 1974 and have been a resident of Lincolnshire ever since, though we have not stayed in the same place. Crookes has fond memories for us both and such were the shopkeepers, of that time, that quite a few bought us wedding presents when we got married. I have no surviving relatives in Sheffield, so I don't get back there very often. Doreen and her husband George are dear friends of ours (Hello, Doreen) and were also, on the buses. They too have left Sheffield and we try and see each other when possible. As for the photographs, well photography is a passion of mine and joining Geograph encouraged me to get out and about and showcase the places I know with those I discovered when chasing map grid squares that hadn't been photographed. The photos are just photographic records. Read Geograph's Home page, to understand what I'm on about. I have many more pics of Sheffield, but I like to post blocks of photos from various places and not stick with the same location for too long. I have many of Rivelin, but am struggling to remember the grid refs. This link should find all the current photos. More will be added later. Thanks again, vox, for adding the links on this site and thanks Doreen for your kind words. Please keep in touch. Regards, Dave