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  1. Are you referring to the pardons that the union members got? I found that fascinating...let the individuals off so that the working class can incriminate themsleves in general as thieving good for nothing people, especiallywith a second reform act on the way!
  2. Thanks for that Richard. I've read that intro and it is very useful, I will have a good trawl through the thread on here. You have some great stuff, thanks for that. Its a long process with making stuff for kid, isolating exactly what is relevant...but great fun on the way!
  3. Hi I'm doing some work on the impact of the Sheffield outrages, both in terms of historiography and local importance. I was wondering if anyone could suggest any books or websites that have writing that is especially in favour or against the outrages and what Woodhead helped to lead? Im also wondering if anyone knows if any parts of Sheffield were named after him, other members of unions, the events themselves or the like? Im trying to create some resources to help my pupils asses the significance of the outrages as they are a fascinating period of our History. Anything that could help with this; historian's opinions, some written evidence about the impact it had on helping shape Sheffield's "left wing" or independent character etc...would be great! Thanks Tom