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  1. Got this from Sheffield Forum No 63 was the "top" shop on Smith street. In was run by the Hendrys before being taken over by the Hardwicks and finally Christine Cooper.( Then it was known as Christines shop! ) It reverted to being a house around the time when Parramores closed. No 13 was Garratts shop.
  2. This is former Daimler Fleetline 1108 UDT108L stolen from Midland road, taken for a joyride, then set alight when the idiots got stuck in a field!!! At the time stealing buses was very rare, so this could be the earliest case of arson in the PTE years? Unless you know better Busman?
  3. I live on Smith street in Chapeltown, I was talking to an ex-neighbour today, who lived on Smith street for over 50 years, she told me that the last house on the right No' 63 used to be a shop when she first lived there, at some point it was also a sandwich shop that served the Parramore's foundry, now Nether Ley Ave! Does anyone have any recolection of this? any inormation or pictures would be very helpful, thanks
  4. As far as I know 2281 UWJ281W is away in Germany, I think that's pretty far away!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hello. The name that was given to SWB287L was "Catherine Howard" I hope this puts all your minds at rest!!! I am dying ton know where this bus ended up?? Does anyone have any info??? Last I knew it was down south with a company called "Rabbit" or something like that with an all over black livery, please inform???
  6. ........and here is a picture of AEC Regent 874. The first bus (not Firstbus!!) to return to the Tinsley Tramsheds and definately not the last!
  7. Here is a picture of Millhouses engine shed as it stands now, whatever happens to this building, there's alot of work to do!!
  8. Yes, in October 1996 there was a celebration when the last of the Leyland Atlanteans were withdrawn, I have a "Roots" Newspaper that has a front page cover story all about it.
  9. A bit of a challenge for you? I'm after a picture of the old foundry at the end of smith street in Chapeltown, my neighbour worked there for years, but recently passed away, I would love to see a picture of the place he told me so much about??? There is a gate post still standing at the end of Smith street that was part of the foundry gates!!
  10. As requested by "supercrome" A picture of a bus with graffiti on it???
  11. Hi, thanks for all the nice comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the day, I hope everyone that came enjoyed it as much? Alot of work went into it, we started at 05:00 saturday morning and left the site at 23 45 on sunday night, absolutely cream crackered!!! I took the picture below just as the sun was coming up on sunday morning, hence the frosty looking buses
  12. There will be another open day in the early stages of the season Next year, Maybe April time? I will post information as and when we have decided the dates
  13. Just a quick reminder that the open day at the South Yorkshire Transport Trust is coming up this sunday, from 11am -4pm at Ivanhoe works, Kimberworth road Rotherham, free buses will be running from stand A5 at Meadowhall and C3/C4 at Rotherham Interchange from 10:30am. There will be refreshments, some transport related stalls and many vehicles to see.
  14. Hi, I noticed, when driving down the Wicker the other day, that the building that stands opposite the Vauxhall dealer on Savile street is being prepared for demolition, they have stripped out all the window frames etc. I know it has stood empty for years, I can't even remember what it used to be??? Does anybody on here know any details of the demolition date, or in fact anything about the building itself? I would be very interested to know!
  15. I was born in Jessops hospital in the heat wave of june 1976, the hospital has now been demolished and is in process of redevelopment, are there any more jessops babies out there???? http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/pi...ff.refno=s17601