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  1. It took me some time to get them but I hope these pictures will help to identify the knife if it is a fraud or a genuine Rodger's and perhaps from when.
  2. Could you perhaps add some pictures of the engraved words? How long is the blade? Are any more numbers on this weapon?
  3. Thank you for the quick answers. I read the treatise before I started to ask questions and I know to whom the term "their majesties" referred. But I am unsure from when till when they printed this "their majesties" on their products. Because before and after it was "his majesties" and "her majesties". And after 1871 there should be an "Ltd." behind the sons. Or was it not necessary to stamp it on your products when you became a limited company? Even the people offering such knives at auctions just date their knives between 1840 and 1901. Is that the closest you can get? Daniel
  4. Dear Readers, I am from Germany and found a knife which has on the left side of the blade some markings which point to it being manufactured in Sheffield. The markings on the left side of this quite rusty and damaged blade are: (cross) Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers to Their Majesties (star) No 6 Norfolk Street Sheffield The handle is made out of horn and has a metal plate with two holes in it at the bottom. the front end of the handle is covered by some metal cap (breadth: 13 mm) Length: 282 mm (was probably a little bit longer because the tip of the blade looks a little bit chipped.) Length of blade: 172 mm Breadth of blade: 22 mm I was searching the net for some information about the company "Joseph Rodgers and Sons" and found out that it was turned into an Ltd. in 1871. Does this mean that my knif is from the time before 1871? Or could you discard the "Ltd." in the markings? I found other knives marked with "His" or "Her" majesty but none with "Their Majesties". During which time did they use this way of marking their products? I would dearly appreciate every hint you could offer me about the knife and the time it comes from. Sincerely, Daniel