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  1. hiya, i can tell you the date jordanthorpe estate opened it was october 1967. how do i remember, we were the first to get the keys on the monday morning,we moved in on the following friday at the time we were told. if we wanted the house move in if not hand the key's back, the block was no 117,119, 121,123 ,125,127, the first and last houses were swopps, meaning they moved in from other council property,they were both called brown, we at 119 were called white,next door the hudsons, then the spooners,can't remember the last couple as they didn't stay long,i remember my wife having to shop at meadowhead or lowedges at first the mobile shop didn't start for a while.
  2. hiya i can go back to the union as we called it,it had an heating pipe on one of the rows it was saught after in winter,i remember during the war next door was a british home stores when you went inside the entrance counters on both sides then a shorrt flight of stairs to the main shop, also the landsdown had woolworths at the same time, and redgates was at the b ottom of eccleshall rd,
  3. I remember redgates when it was at the bottom of eccleshall rd near the junction of Clarence st in the early 40's,in fact my parents bought me my first 3 wheeler bike from there it was a redgate's own make it had a red 5 barred gate on the front fork.
  4. I was 16 at the time I remember going to the glossop rd dance and going in the mailcoach pub on west st when I went back I was 5 minutes late and could not get back in.