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  1. There are plenty of Mole Catchers still in business.
  2. Thanks for the info SteveHB. It seems my memory is nowhere near as good as I thought it was! I have no recollection of about half the shops on the list. The Stevensons must have a thing about fish because they had several aquariums full of tropical fish in the back room. By the way, how do you access these directories?
  3. Just remembered another couple of shops: the end terrace house on Norton Lees Rd next to the park was a chip shop in the 1950s & across the road was one of those mysterious shops where nobody ever seemed to go in or come out of. The name above the door was Marion & the woodwork was never repainted for years though it badly needed doing. The headmaster of Meersbrook Bank in the 1950s was Mr Aizlewood. I often wondered if he had any connection with the garage.
  4. I remember those shops quite well. Starting at the bottom of the row were: The Co-op, Oldham's sweet shop, Watson's Bakery, Swallow's newsagents & toys, Stevenson's fishmongers, Dalton's ? chemists, Middleton's chip shop, and Wright's beer-off on the corner. I may have missed a couple out & the order might be slightly wrong, but it's over 60 years since I lived in the area. Come to think of it, there was Cheetham's greengrocers on the corner of Norton Lees Rd & Cockayne Place, Cotterells greengrocers on the corner of Cockayne Place & Cliffe Field Rd , with Cutts' grocers on the opposite corner. There were 2 other corner shops a bit further on Cliffe Field Rd & a mid-terrace shop as well.
  5. The shop was known as Wright's beer-off in the early 1950s. I think the shop diagonally opposite was a butchers at that time.
  6. What surprises me is how little prices had risen since 1966.Then a pint of Whitbreads bitter cost 2/- (10p) & a pint of Tankard cost 2/9d (14p).
  7. There used to be a Chinese laundry near the junction of Chesterfield Road & Valley Road. The son of the owner was a prefect at Carfeld Juniors in the mid-1950s.
  8. I was taught to swim by Mr Lyons in 1958/59. Our class was taught in the men's pool which was the oldest & least attractive of the three. The baths closed in March 1991 & the building has been converted into flats, a pub & a restaurant. The Turkish baths have been refurbished & are part of spa type of establishment. Interesting stuff about the beginnings of the baths in 1836. According to the list in the book "Great Lengths" this would make the baths the 4th earliest in the UK. I have been doing a bit of research on the history of the baths & have come up with the following: 1836 -Baths built including 2 swimming pools & adjoining houses as previous contributor has stated. 1877/88 -Turkish baths & new 26 yard men's pool built in place of one of the original pools. 1896-Baths bought by Sheffield Corporation. 1898-New 26 yard ladies pool built in place of the remaining original pool. Early 1900s-Adjoining houses demolished to make way for additional swimming pool. Men's pool shortened from 26 yards to 20 yards to make way for building work associated with the new pool. None of original building surviving at this point? 1912? -New 33 1/3 yard pool opened (the one parallel to Glossop Road). 1958/59-Ladies pool refurbished. 1973? -Men's pool closed. Pool parallel to Glossop Road refurbished? 1991- Pools closed.
  9. Did you spend much time at Sharrow ATE? I was there from 1971 to 1974. There was an ongoing problem with CCBs being held up to LEV 1 junctions. When we came in the morning there were often a dozen or more CCBs held up to the same LEV 1 junction. We could never replicate the fault; in fact the fault made no sense as far as we could see. I did meet a TO some years later who claimed to have sorted the problem, but funnily enough he could not tell me how he had done it. I too worked in all the Sheffield satellites apart from Beauchief & Woodseats. By the way I found a newspaper article which backs up my recollection about the 1-day strike. The strike took place in early July 1969. GPO telephones became a public corporation in October 1969, not immediately after the strike as I stated.
  10. I only met him once in the early 1970s at Sharrow exchange (what a load of **** that place was). I'm not sure why he was there, maybe he was acting for Joe Bunts. He seemed a decent bloke if a little intense. He was still in some sort of training role in the early 1980s when he interviewed one of my colleagues who wanted to go to university. When I joined in 1965, Wally Linskill was I/C training, but it was Mrs Dyson who really ran the show.
  11. There was a 1-day strike in the summer of 1969. I remember going to a union meeting at the Grand Hotel just before the strike. I can't remember what the strike was about but it occurred just before we ceased to be part of the Civil Service & became a public corporation. Incidentally,I know the name of the cantankerous bloke at Intake. His catchphrase was "this is MY exchange".
  12. Hello Stuart, I remember you now. I don't rememember seeing all that often though. I suppose that's because you were on the 24 hour rota. I remember Pete jones quite well. I particularly remember that very soft voice of his which nevertheless was clearly audible from the other end of the office. I imagine everybody who worked in that office has now retired.
  13. Hello Stuart, my name is Roger Wells. I worked on the 6th floor in the same office as the NMCC. I worked there briefly in the JNMC for a level 1 whom I cannot adequately describe without the use of 4-letter words. After that I worked in digital PABX diagnostics, which was a slight improvement. I'm afraid I still can't put a face to your name, though. I'm sorry to hear that Jim Harrison has passed away. He was a decent bloke.
  14. I never worked with anyone called Stuart. However, I remember the name Stuart Reeves in connection with Sheffield Charter. I think Jim Harrison & Mick Caudle(?) worked there too. I remember them from their days as testers for GEC/AEI. Regarding Frank Nortcliffe: I was told he was a fireman for British Railways before he joined GPO Telephones. I never knew about him driving the Flying Scotsman.
  15. I worked as a TT(A) on exchange maintenance in Local Auto in 1967 then as T2A on exchange construction/ clerk of works from 1969 to 1971 in Local Auto, Junction Tandem & Trunk Auto. After that I spent 18 years on exchange maintenance including 5 years as TO(A) at Chesterfield GSC. In 1989 I had the misfortune to move back to Eldon where I did a succession of dire jobs until 1996 when I took EVR.