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  1. My first year in Sheffield was 1974, I was 13 and had come to live with my aunty @ Beighton after my parents split up. Her and my uncle took us to Sheffield to see the lights. God, I was amazed. Coming from a tiny village in Cornwall I had never been to a city, let alone seen anything like the City's lights at that time. I was totally transfixed by the beauty of the dancing fountains, it totally blew my mind. That night in town made what was a very sad time for me into an absolutely amazing experience that I will never forget. It's such a shame that Sheffield no longer has the money or I feel the inclination to put such effort into making the City such a wonderful place to be in, especially at Christmas.....it used to be magical!
  2. I can remember going to Baileys in 78 when i was 18 and dancing to saturday night fever. I was sure that Romeo and Juliets came later in the 80's but a localo book i am reading states Romeo's was first....does anyone know which came first, it's doing my head in because I am sure my dates are right :-)