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  1. Many thanks again for this information Edmund. I hope I haven't been too much of a bother.
  2. Many thanks to both of you. Edmund, how do you find the information out so fast. Are there any special search engines or software that you use? Also, what was the "United Sixty Sick Society" please?
  3. I'm trying to find out more about my Father's family on his mother's side. I have the 1911 Census telling me that there were 2 Edwin Close's at Ecclesall (father and son). Family memebers have left information that they ran a successfull building business but I'm finding it difficult to find any information on them. My Grandmother was Edna Close d.ob. 15.08.1910, her father was Arthur Close who was born about 1877, his father was Edwin Close who ran 'Close Builders' in Ecclesall and Edwin's father was another Arthur Close. I believe the first Arthur had a brother named Edwin which explains the 2 Edwin's. I'm also led to believe that one of them fought in the Boer War. Sorry for being a bit vague but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Forgive me if I may sound like a begginer, how did you find out Edna's mother was Mary Ann Hugh. I can't seem to link them together on that site. It's been some years since I first started tracing my family tree and I'm afraid I'm a little rusty.
  5. Thanks again Hugh. I'll try Sheffield Archives and post what I find.
  6. HughW, is there anyway that I can find out why Elizabeth was in Wadsley Asylum?
  7. This may seem as a daft question but how much of the book can we take as factual history? I have read a bit of it and it is indeed very interesting reading.
  8. Currently on ebay for £45. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Reminiscences-of-Old-Sheffield-R-E-Leader-1875-/160812190413?pt=Antiquarian_Books_UK&hash=item2571274acd
  9. Surely the lane wasn't that wide? Looking at a 1780,1771 and 1784 map, it looks as though Jehu Lane simply carried on south of Bull Stake yet the on off commercial Street seems to far East off Fitzalan?
  10. Can anybody tell me the location of Jehu Lane as I am currently arguing over it's location. I have 3 maps stating it was south of the Bull Stake but somebody else is arguing that it ran east of Fitzalan Square. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. No, he never saw his new son who was also named after him. The family soon split into two and I was recently contacted by a cousin who showed me the letter. Unitl then, two sides of the family had lived in Sheffield for eighty years without knowing the existence of the other.
  12. I have the following information; "Sheffield's first general covered market hall, built on the site of the Tontine Inn which opened on Christmas Eve 1851". On the council website it claims that there were complaints from the Fitzalan Market Hall about loss of trade. Was this not covered? I have a map of the city centre, 1903, showing a Fitzalan Market Hall. Was this covered after the Norfolk Market Hall?
  13. The shambles were demolished after the new city abbatoir opened in 1929, an end block of the shambles survived as a shop for many years after.
  14. No offence taken. I completely understand your circumstances Richard. I hope you are keeping well. I sent the image last night.
  15. Not sure what you mean by a "grown up". I'm almost 40! But yes, I will email it tomorrow.
  16. I wasn't sure where to post this but wondered if people would find the following interesting. It's a letter to my great-great Gandmother informing her that her son had been KIA in the first World War, (he fought in the Sheffield Batallion). His wife gave birth to my Grand-Father the same year. The author of the letter was KIA the following year. I like the fact that it is hand-written and not the usual typed letter. Apparrantly the author - (Corporal Lacey) and my Great-Grandfather were close friends. The letter reads; May 23/5/17 Dear Madame, just a few lines to you hoping they will find you quite well as it leaves me at present. Well Madame I am very sorry to tell you that your son Leslie has got killed. He suffered know pain I was with him when the shell burst. I was very lucky to get out of it the same shell killed one more and wounded four. Madame I hope you do not take it to hard. I miss him a lot as he was my pal out here and we used to sleep together when we was out of the trenches. All the boys liked hime he was brave and he died like a hero. L/Cpl J. R. Lacey 14221 B. Coy 12th. JL. 7 Plattoon. B.E.F France. Well Madame I hope you will excuse me for opening this letter I am sending back I found it to get the address and so that I could write and let you know. Well Madame I will now close my short and sad letter. From L/Cpl J. R. Lacey. For some reason I can't upload the original image
  17. A huge thankyou to both of you. That information is great!
  18. DaveH, I don't suppose you have any shadow teaching/volunteer placements at your school do you? I've tried several so far with no joy for next year.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I am finding it fascinating to be honest. After being made unemployed 5 years ago and not finding another job I decided to retrain. That also meant a 2 year access course. The subjects that I thought were my weakest (Britain in the Global Economy) have turned out to be my strongest. You can teach an old dog new tricks after all. lol
  20. I'm currently doing my degree now at the age of 40. I'm the oldest one the course and feel out of place with the young ones :(