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  1. Lovely Guy. Now a Personal Trainer at my Gym
  2. I seem to recall a shop on Earl Way ? Earl Street?
  3. The stationery shop was Universal Stationers, and I remember a tunnel that went from this shop into Redgates at the Sunwin House location. a truly magical place for a kid to go! I once won a gift voucher for Redgates in a Junior Star Competition and I felt like a millionaire going in to spend it
  4. Sabella was a Brilliant player. and to be honest that was a real problem as he'd often be too quick thinking for his team mates of the time! Often saw him playing Tennis at Beauchief Tennis Club.
  5. Couple of things Desy. firstly Speedway has been going since 1929 tso it is actually 78 years this year. Secondly, you're being a bit unfair on Phil White!! Phil may have been a second string in the BL (Equivalent of EL and the top tier), but at the level we operate at now he was most definitely a heat leader! Some of those names you mention as top riders couldn't hold a candle to Phil!! Still it IS the greatest sport in the world with some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet!