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  1. Thanks alot for the replies So do you think that in December 1940 maybe 20,000 evacuees were away from Sheffield? Regards Ron
  2. Hello Does anyone know what the Heavy anti-aircraft regiments were in Sheffield during the blitz? Also were any servicemen killed from the army? Thanks Ron
  3. Hello Does anyone have any idea on the scale of evacuation from Sheffield prior to December 1940? Thanks Ron
  4. Thanks alot for the reply. I assume that before the rocket sites were introduced there would have been a number of Heavy anti aircraft batteries with 3.7 inch guns as elsewhere around the country. Thanks Ron
  5. Hello again, I was wondering whether anyone knows where the anti aircraft gun sites were situated in sheffield during WWII.Has a map been produced showing where they were situated? Regards Ron
  6. Hello, thanks alot for the reply.The map which I was referring too,however, is the one that was printed in the "Star" newspaper.Would this also have only shown High explosives and landmines?Also, would a bombs position have been plotted even if it failed to denonate? Regards Ron
  7. Hello, does anyone happen to know how many air raid wardens or ARP would have been on duty in a city the size of Sheffield?I read somewhere that it may have been a ratio of about 1:500 (ARP to civilians)? Regards Ron
  8. Hello, I was wondering whether anyone knows whether the map showing where the bombs dropped in sheffield during the blitz includes both High Explosive/landmines and incendaries, or were there too many of the latter to include? Thanks alot, Ron